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Mathematics Bachelor’s Degree Program

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A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics provides a rigorous course of study and leads to rewarding career paths. The bachelor’s of science degree in math at Southern Utah University boasts two exceptional emphases:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Actuarial Science

Working with your academic advisor, you will choose an emphasis that best aligns with your future career goals. Those majoring in pure mathematics often plan to continue their education in a graduate or professional degree, while those emphasizing in actuarial science combine math and statistics with finance and economics courses to pursue a career as an actuary.

Because of the small class sizes SUU offers, math students get much more interaction with faculty members compared to larger universities. This interaction allows math majors more opportunities for undergraduate research and one-on-one help with course material. None of SUU’s math courses are taught by graduate students. In fact, all of the mathematics faculty at Southern Utah University have doctoral degrees or at least a master’s degree in mathematics or math education. Most importantly, the math department has a 100% placement rate into graduate schools, teaching positions, and business.

Why Choose SUU for Mathematics Studies?

  • SUU’s mathematics department boasts a 100% placement rate in graduate schools, teaching positions, and business.
  • Small class sizes allow math students the opportunity to interact regularly with faculty members and participate in undergraduate research.
  • While attending college, students majoring in math are almost sure to receive employment as teaching assistants, graders and/or math tutors.
  • All faculty have terminal degrees in mathematics or math education and are active scholars who deliver excellent courses.

Career and Salary Potential for Mathematics Graduates

A degree in mathematics lead to many high paying  career opportunities and provide skills that apply to any job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics details several of these positions:

Position Median Annual Salary Anticipated Growth Through 2022
Actuary $93,680 26 percent
Mathematician* $101,360 23 percent
Statistician $75,560 27 percent

*often requires master’s degree

A degree in math also provides excellent preparation for pre-professional programs such as law or medical school.

Campus Opportunities for Mathematics Majors

  • Math Club
  • Finance Club
  • There are many student jobs available for math majors at SUU including being a teaching assistant, grader or tutor.
  • Math faculty and students work together to conduct research and often publish academic papers or present at professional conferences.

Mathematics Courses You May Take

  • Actuarial Mathematics - learn about the mathematical analysis of interest, general annuities, and other securities.
  • Probability and Statistics - a formal introduction to the concepts of probability theory and mathematical statistics.
  • Mathematical Modeling - learn about the development of mathematical and statistical models and how to apply them in various areas of applied mathematics.

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Phone: 435-586-5454

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