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Hometown: Randolph, UT

Degrees: B.A. in Communication 2000 - Southern Utah University
Master of Educational Leadership and Policy 2008 - University of Utah

Favorite Building on Campus: My favorite building on campus has to be the Adams Memorial Theatre. I can't even begin to explain the feeling of sitting in the theatre seats on a cool summer evening watching a play at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. It's magical. You need to experience it.

What little known fact about SUU do you like to share most? I love to help others realize SUU's unique location. I don't think most people understand how incredible it is to live in Cedar City, surrounded by so many beautiful landscapes and recreational options year round.

Favorite Quote: "The grass is not always greener on the other side. It's greener where it is watered!" -- Unknown

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy traveling, styling my home, working in my yard, cooking, going to car shows and spending time with my family.

Favorite Place to Eat in Cedar City: My favorite place to eat is The Garden House in Cedar City. They have amazing soups.

People would be surprised to know that: My high school graduating class had 32 students!

Best bit of advice for students looking for a college/university? Visit campus. This will be a great way for you to know what school is right for you.

Most embarrassing "college" moment: When I was senior at SUU, I won the award of Female Contributor of the Year at Thunderbird Awards. After the ceremony, my date and I were walking across campus to the car in our formal attire. For those of you who don't know, the gutters in Cedar City are very wide and deep. When I tried to step up from the street to the sidewalk, my narrow fitting dress stopped my leg from landing safely in place. Needless to say, I fell and my new T-Bird award went skidding across the sidewalk. It was a proud moment! :)

Years working at SUU: 10 years.

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Nicole Funderburk

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