Utah Shakespeare Festival's 2022 Production of King LearShakespeare Studies at SUU

Shakespeare Studies at Southern Utah University engages in academic research, promotes literary and production dramaturgy, and offers programming focused on Shakespeare and his contemporaries. This program explores Shakespeare’s work through theatre, literature, history, politics, art and music history, philosophy, and language.

Shakespeare Studies Minor

The Minor in Shakespeare Studies fosters SUU’s exploration of Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies across multiple disciplines. Students study Shakespeare’s work by exploring the disciplines of theatre, literature, and history to understand the plays in relation to their culture, both then and now. Courses in literature/script analysis, early modern history, literary history specific to period, and acting styles provide the core of required and elective offerings, with special emphasis on the study of dramaturgy linking literary theory to practical work.

Want to become a Shakespeare Studies Minor? Talk with your Advisor to get that officially declared.

For more information about Shakespeare Studies at SUU and the Shakespeare Studies minor, contact SUU’s College of Performing and Visual Arts at (435-865-8561) or email studyshakespeare@suu.edu.