SPB Elections

Important Dates

  • Information meetings for those interested in running will take place on Wednesday, January 17 from 11am-1pm in ST 174D, and Thursday, February 1 from 5-6pm in ST 172D
  • Mandatory Candidate Meetings on February 7 and February 14 from 12-1pm in the Sterling Church Auditorium
  • SUU Student Assocation Elections will take place February 26 - March 2

Election Results

Election Results are now available. Congratulations to all of the winning candidates.

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2018 Candidates

SPB Candidates
Gwen Elison
Gwen Elison
Candidate for SPB President
Phone: 801-369-0944

T-birds! My name is Gwen Elison and I am a Sophomore Theater Arts Education major. I have had so many wonderful opportunities here at SUU including being a member of SUUSA, a director and assistant on SPB, an event manager for the COSE Leadership Board and many many more. I love SUU and everything about it! I am so excited to share my vision for the Student Programming Board with you and make SUU the best place it can be.

As your President of the Student Programming Board, I will...

  • Grow Communication
    • SPB is an organization that is here for the students and no one else. It isn’t for those who plan the events, it is for the students who come to those events. I want to create greater communication between those planning the events and those attending them. I plan to do this through multiple initiatives. I want to create monthly focus groups. These would be held in the living room on campus and would be a time for students to come and voice their opinions on events and share ideas they have. I hope that this will create a dialogue that will help us constantly improve the events created for the students. Another way I plan to receive feedback on events will be through short surveys. These will be at the exit of every event put on by the Student Programming Board and will be a fast way for students to share their feelings about events and give feedback. One issue I hear from students is not knowing what events are going on. The marketing team has done an incredible job this year promoting events and spreading information all throughout campus. I want to help them take it one step further through door knocking. Door knocking is simply the members of SPB going around to the major apartment complexes in Cedar City and talking about the upcoming events. This would include a hand out for the events happening in the upcoming month. The Student Programming Board is all about the student. Without your voice it’s just the Programming Board and that doesn’t represent SUU.
  • Grow Community
    • I love the atmosphere of SUU. There are so many departments on campus that work tirelessly to create a place for every student on campus. I have thought a lot about how to create more unity with the organizations. I think this can come from co-sponsoring events. The purpose of co-sponsoring events is not to take over an event already being planned, but to lend SPB’s resources so that event can grow. I also feel it would help grow community if SPB co-sponsored the Campus Connect events with the clubs. The events would become a monthly part of SPB’s schedule. It would take the place of a Tuesday event. We would work hand in hand with clubs and find new ways to support them and help them grow. I believe that our clubs are a huge part of our community and supporting them will build up our students. I want to help grow community by helping the members of the Student Programming Board understand our community better. I feel the best way to have this accomplished is through training. This includes diversity and Allies training. These trainings are so beneficial to understanding the students here at SUU and planning the best events for all students.

Overall, I want to grow SUU. I don’t mean that in terms of recruitment but in Thunderbird Pride. I can’t imagine going to any other school because I have yet to hear of one that loves its students like SUU does. The purpose of the Student Programming Board is to instill that Thunderbird Pride in every student and to make SUU feel like home. The events put on here at SUU should be a safe space for T-birds to make friends and share their love for our school. I have seen and felt SPB instill that pride in me. It has made SUU my home and I love this organization for that. I feel a need to create that sense of home for every student that walks our campus. I have been so fortunate to feel this way since my Freshman year but I know not everyone has. That is my goal and purpose as President; grow Thunderbird Pride in every student here at SUU.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, 801-369-0944 or gwenelison18@gmail.com