SUU and Southwest Tech Dual Enrollment Program

Student needs are changing. Nationally, there are 95 million people who have finished high school but have not finished college, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

To address these needs, Southern Utah University and Southwest Technical College have created a unique academic partnership unlike any other in the nation. Through the Dual Enrollment Program, participating students at Southwest Tech are simultaneously enrolled at SUU, and receive university credit at no cost in specific Course Equivalencies. For students at SUU, the Dual Enrollment Program means they are admitted to Southwest Tech and entitled to enroll in certificate programs for which they earn SUU credit while paying the significantly lower tuition rate at the technical college.

SUU and Southwest Tech are committed to helping their students by providing multiple academic paths. The Dual Enrollment Program will give students more opportunities for success.

How does this partnership affect you?

This partnership will give both SUU and Southwest Tech students more customizable options in terms of post-secondary higher education. The Dual Enrollment Program is not intended to be a merger of the institutions but to provide, as far as reasonably possible, all advantages of SUU and Southwest Tech to the other institutions’ students as if the two institutions were one.

I am a...

Because the agreement allows for SUU students to enroll at STECH and receive SUU credit, you will now have access to a broad spectrum of courses and programs that are currently unavailable for university credit. Areas of study such as welding, culinary arts, automotive technology, and others that are not taught at SUU can now be taken for SUU credit. You might choose to take one or more of these courses as an elective for your major, or you might choose to pursue an STECH certificate alongside your SUU diploma.

Depending on your course of study, you might also find a significant number of classes in your major that are available at STECH. Because of STECH’s flexible schedule and lower tuition rates, these courses might help you graduate more quickly and efficiently. The SUU/Southwest Tech Course Equivalency page lists the available dual enrollment programs for students.

For more details specific to SUU students, visit our FAQ page.

This agreement allows students at Southwest Technical College to receive university credit for courses taken there. This is done by having students be simultaneously enrolled at both schools.

After you enroll in a certificate program at Southwest Tech, your information will be securely sent to SUU where a transcript and student ID number will be created. If you decide to continue your education at SUU, you can apply the credits earned at Southwest Tech toward a related SUU degree. The SUU/Southwest Tech Course Equivalency page lists the available dual enrollment programs for students.

For more details specific to Southwest Tech students, visit our FAQ page.