TEDxSUU: Transcendence

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The TEDx motto is Ideas Worth Spreading. The TEDx mission is “to discover and spread ideas that spark imagination, embrace possibility and catalyze impact” (TED Ideas worth spreading). “[TED] is devoted to curiosity, reason, wonder and the pursuit of knowledge” (TED Ideas worth spreading).

Thank you for supporting TEDxSUU 2024! The evening was a great success. Watch for TEDxSUU 2025 which will take place February 11th, 2025. 

Transcendence TedxSUU 2024

2024 Speakers


TEDxSUU Committee Members

Executive Committee:

Melissa Funk
Chris Younkin
Kim Sawyer
Staci Anderson
Kyle Dillon
Steven Jackson

Student Committee:

Allen Bouchard
Bienvenue Djamba
Hope Edja
Helene Djuma