Thunderworks Makerspace

Hours and Location

Thunderworks is located in room 106 of the Engineering and Technology building on SUU's campus.

Hours :

Monday - Thursday 8 am - 6 pm
Friday - Sunday - Closed

Our Vision

The Thunderworks Innovation Center is a regional center of innovative thought and practice which encourages collaboration between academia, industry, and community. Students who experience this engaged, hands-on learning philosophy and practice will be highly recommended by academic faculty, sought out by industry, and valued by their communities.

Our Mission

The Thunderworks Innovation Center in made of three branches: (1) Thunderworks Makerspace, (2) Thunderworks Pathways, and (3) Thunderworks Outreach.

The Thunderworks (1) Makerspace is an environment and philosophy that encourages and nurtures innovation of thought, learning, and practice, where theory and ideas can be experienced through engaged, hands-on, collaborative learning experiences. These experiences should produce both personal changes and physical, tangible artifacts.

The Thunderworks (2) Pathways provides high school and technical education students a pathway to an additional stackable credential through concurrent enrollment (for high school) and dual enrollment (e.g., with SouthWest Tech). This pathway also provides additional training for high school instructors to support concurrent enrollment. These pathways are offered throughout all of southern Utah and additional high school partnerships.

Thunderworks (3) Outreach to industry provides the Engineering and Technology student with the opportunity to gain real world industry experience while working on their college degree. This opportunity also provides industry opportunities to engage with potential future employees. This mutually beneficial engaged learning environment is accomplished through job shadowing, internships, industry tours, and industry sponsored workshops and certification training. Students are provided opportunities to be involved in several boards and organizations such as Made in Southern Utah (MISU) and Tech UP.

Community outreach provides the opportunity for the community to experience a STEM related environment and philosophy of the makerspace, encouraging the community not only to engage in innovative thinking but put innovative thinking into reality by applying it to the material world. This is accomplished through First Robotics, Electronics Open lab, Tech Fair and other tours and workshops.