Tradition Keeper

The SUU Tradition Keeper program links students and alumni through shared involvement in Thunderbird traditions and activities. The program targets current students, but alumni and friends, in Utah and elsewhere, are also invited to participate and track the completion of each tradition on the scorecard. Incentive prizes will be awarded along the way.

Students who complete all 50 traditions will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase a Tradition Keeper stole to wear at SUU Commencement. All participants who finish the program will earn an exclusive keepsake that represents their commitment to honoring Southern Utah University traditions now and forever.

Carter Carillon Tradition

Join SUU in welcoming our new flock of T-Birds as they complete their first tradition at the Carter Carillon Bell Tower! Each semester, incoming students walk East under the Carillon symbolizing the sun rising on their time at SUU. It is then forbidden to walk under the tower until graduation day, when graduates will walk west symbolizing the sun setting on their time as a student.

Get Started!

  1. Download the FREE “SUU” App on your mobile device and choose the Tradition Keeper icon or start here at this website.
  2. Complete traditions 1-50 in any order. Learn more about each tradition by clicking on the icons below. 
  3. Verify completion of each tradition and encourage others to participate by sharing your photos on social medical using #suutradition 
  4. Track your progress by picking up a tracker from the R. Haze Hunter Alumni Center and placing an 'X' in the box next to the tradition icons printed on this scorecard.
  5. When you’ve completed traditions 1-50, contact the SUU Student Alumni Association to claim your Thorsome reward!