Voices of the Ancients Workshop Content

Curriculum Guides and Readings will be provided

Curriculum Guides

Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter

Project Archaeology: Investigating Rock Art


Why the Moon Paints Her Face Black by Eleanor Tom
“The Fremont” Archaeology Southwest magazine
Exploring the Fremont by David B. Madsen
GIS for Teachers – A Guide to Authentic K-12 Integration and Application by Chris Bunin et al.
Place-Based Education by David Sobel
Articles from Advances in Archaeological Practice
Five R’s article
Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah website


All participants will learn the basics of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and develop a basic Story Map (great example that is not basic) of their experience exploring the Fremont culture. This will be an introduction, so please do not be intimidated. You can do it!

After experiencing each lesson from Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter and Investigating Rock Art as a learner, participants will reflect on how they would implement each lesson in their classroom. On the final day, participants will have time to simulate all of their reflections and decide how best to integrate into their current core subjects.

For those interested in receiving college credit for the workshop, an additional five page reflection paper will be due by July 31.