Scriblerian Contest

The deadline for the Spring 2021 competition is April 9, 2021 at midnight.

Have you written an essay for an English or General Education class that you’re proud of? If so, you can submit your paper to the Scriblerian Writing Competition hosted by the SUU Writing Center. There are great prizes, as well as an online reception where you can share your essay and meet other writers.  

What is the Scriblerian Competition?

The Scriblerian Writing Competition is designed to recognize the efforts of students in SUU English writing classes and other general education classes that require written assignments. Basically, it’s an essay contest.

Deadline: The deadline for the Spring 2021 competition is April 9, 2021 at midnight.

What you can submit:

You can submit a paper you have written for any English 1010 or 2010 class, or a paper from any General Education 1000 and 2000 level classes.

Papers from ENGL 1010 or 2010 can be submitted into one of two categories:
Expressive (Creative & Hybrid)
Argumentative (Research & Analysis)

Papers from General Education 1000 and 2000 classes can be submitted into one of three categories:
Expressive (Creative & Hybrid)
Argumentative (Research and Analysis)
Quantitative (Lab Reports & Technical Writing)

Any writing submitted to the Scriblerian Competition must come from a class the student has taken within the last year at SUU. The class may be over when the paper is submitted.

How to submit: Click on this link. Fill out the form and attach a copy of your paper WITHOUT YOUR NAME.

Prizes and Reception:

Applicants will be notified through email after the SUU Writing Center Scriblerian Committee has finished determining the winners.

Prizes will be awarded at a virtual winners reception on April 20, 2021 via Zoom. Students who place in the competition are all eligible to read an excerpt of their paper and will receive a SUU Bookstore gift card.

1st Place prize: $25
2nd Place prize: $15

Good luck!