Information For Instructors

The Writing Fellows Program is always accepting new instructors to work with. Fellows work in all levels of courses across the disciplines. When considering if the WF Program is the right fit for your course, please keep the following program requirements in mind:

During the semesters in which the Writing Fellows work with your course, we expect that you, the professor, will:

  • Assign two substantive papers for the writing fellows to work with.
  • Provide a two-week window for each paper (one week for the fellows to read and respond to papers, a second week for the fellow to conference with each student).
  • Meet with the writing fellows at least 4 times—once before and after each paper.
  • Provide a copy of the syllabus, paper assignment descriptions, and relevant rubrics to the writing fellow and the program director(s) ( for reference.
  • Encourage students to meet with the writing fellows at their assigned conference time (graded incentives are particularly helpful!).

Guidelines for working with WFs:

  • The focus of WFs is writing. They do not attend the course, and they do not grade papers. They act as readers, coaches, and guides, giving suggestions to help students improve their writing skills.
  • Assignment due dates must be set up clearly so that the students have a week to ten days between turning in a draft and meeting with the WFs and submitting a revised final paper to the professor.
  • WFs need a week to ten days to write comments and to meet with students in a 30 minute conference session.
  • WFs have a 60-hour contract, most of which is spent in writing critiques and meeting with students.
  • The professor should inform WFs of any change in assignment due dates.

Duties of the Professor:

  • Meet with the WFs early on to discuss goals, expectations, syllabi, and assignments.
  • Include names, email addresses, and phone numbers of WFs on syllabus for easy reference Include WF due dates for papers in the syllabus.
  • Frequently note the importance of WFs to the class and exhibit enthusiasm for the WF Program .
  • Hold students responsible for their work and having a good draft ready on the due date.

Duties of the Fellow:

In return, each Writing Fellow assigned to your class will:

  • Work with 10-15 students in your course
  • Provide timely feedback to students, including
    • a detailed one-page written response to the paper
    • a face-to-face conference with the student
  • Attend meetings with you (the professor) and with the Writing Fellows director
  • If you choose, the fellows can also present one or two writing workshops to your class (on topics that you determine to be useful)

How to Apply:

See the application page. For more information, please contact Julia Combs at 586-1948 or

We are here to support your efforts to include writing in your course. If you can think of other ways that we can help, please let us know!