GE Renewal

General Education (GE) designation for each course in SUU's curriculum must be renewed every 3 years.  This effort falls in line with the GE mission and SUU's accreditation requirements.  To renew GE designation, this GE Renewal Form must be completed.  The GE course's syllabus under review (represented by an example syllabus) must show that the Knowledge Area Learning Outcomes (KALOs) and the ELOs are addressed and assessed.

The GE Committee will review GE Renewal Forms according to the following schedule:

3-year Review Cycle:

Semester Knowledge Area
Fall 2019 Written Communication, American Institutions, Quantitative Literacy, and Integrated Learning (Information Literacy and Digital Literacy)
Spring 2020 Humanities
Fall 2020 Life Science
Spring 2021 Physical Science
Fall 2021 Social and Behavioral Science
Spring 2022 Fine Arts and assess Curriculum Management and Assessment Strategies