Purchasing Office

Types of Purchase Orders

Check With Orders

When a company will only accept cash, check or a credit card, a regular Purchase Order is still used but, by placing an "X" in the "Check With Box" allows for a Accounts Payable to attach a check to go with the order.  It is up to the department to mark on the requisition that it is a "Check With Order."

Regular Purchase Orders

Regular Purchase Orders are used for purchases made by the University. These orders take approximately two working days to process unless bids or quotations have to be obtained, which would delay the processing time. In the case of an emergency, a purchase order can be issued immediately by the Purchasing Department provided that the procedures for processing the requisition have been followed.

Standing Purchase Orders

When goods or services are needed from a vendor on a regular basis, the standing order is used rather than issuing several regular purchase orders.  An example for the use of a standing order is the request for monthly payments on a maintenance agreement. One standing order is issued rather than twelve monthly purchase orders.  The standing purchase order is obtained by requesting it on the purchase requisition.  They can only be made out up to $2,000.00

Small Purchase Orders

Small Purchase Orders are used for emergencies and purchases of $300 of less. They are only available in one denomination of $300. To obtain a small purchase order, submit a requisition to the Purchasing Department indicating how many orders you need.

After a Small Purchase Order has been used and processed, a replacement will be forwarded to the department providing there is enough expense in the budget.

Note: Two Small Purchase Orders CANNOT be combined to purchase an item of value higher than the set $300 Small PO limit. They CANNOT be allowed for non-allowable expenditures.