High School Students

Applicants who are still in high school may apply for admission as an undergraduate student starting after high school graduation in the middle of the junior year. Transcripts with grades posted through mid-year and ACT or SAT scores are required to be considered for admission. First-time freshmen have not attended a regionally accredited college or university after graduating from high school.

Transcripts and ACT or SAT scores may be submitted through an electronic service, e.g. Parchment, SendEDU, Naviance; or email, or fax; or U.S. mail.

Southern Utah University utilizes an admission index to admit first-time freshmen. The index is a number derived from the combination of the cumulative unweighted high school GPA and the composite of either the ACT or SAT. First time freshman may identify their admission eligibility by reviewing the admission index table. Students with an admission index of 90 or higher are automatically admitted to the University. Students with an index less than 90 may be admitted after a secondary review.

Students planning to defer attendance until another year should apply for admission before the deadline for the fall semester after graduation in order to be eligible for scholarships. Attendance and scholarships may then be deferred to the future term. Applications must be complete and a request for review must be received at least three weeks before the first day of the semester.

High school students desiring to take University classes for concurrent enrollment are admitted based on the established GPA and must meet individual class requirements.

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