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Honor family, friends, a beloved professor or other meaningful influences in your life and help ensure learning really does live forever. Creating a scholarship is a simple process that will impact students' lives for generations to come, it's something you can do today or with a planned gift. Celebrate SUU's 125th anniversary by creating your scholarship this year.

1. Select a Scholarship


  • Permanent and perpetual
  • Created with gifts of $40,000 or more
  • May be funded over a period of five years
  • The interest earned on the principal will fund the scholarship; principal remains untouched


  • Established with Gifts of $1,000 or more
  • Four-year commitment of similar gift is required to fund student through schooling
  • Not permanent, but opportunity to build a lasting relationship between donor and recipient

2. Determine Scholarship Criteria

Endowed and annual scholarship donors may choose the scholarship name and criteria.

Examples include :

  • Academic Achievement
  • Leadership Potential
  • Geographic Origin
  • Financial Need
  • Area of interest
  • Merit

3. See the Impact of you Gift

Donors to annual and endowed scholarships are notified annually when a scholarship recipient is selected. They also have an opportunity to meet the students they are helping at the annual Scholarship Appreciation Banquet.