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Creating a Commercial Music Scholarship at SUU

Experience the captivating narrative of McKay Tebbs, a distinguished professor hailing from our esteemed Music Department within the College of Performing and Visual Arts at SUU. Delve into his inspiring journey as an artist, marked by significant milestones and a poignant vow he made to enrich the music community that profoundly shaped his life.

McKay embarked on a noble mission and conceived the Commercial Music Scholarship at SUU, a testament to his unwavering commitment to empower aspiring musicians. McKay's unyielding dedication to giving back stems from an immense gratitude he holds for the life-changing opportunities that scholarships provided to him By establishing the Commercial Music Scholarship, McKay aimed to forge an enduring impact, igniting a spark in others to rally behind and uplift the upcoming generation of musicians.

How to Create a Scholarship

Honor family, friends, a beloved professor or other meaningful influences in your life and help ensure learning really does live forever. Creating a scholarship is a simple process that will impact students' lives for generations to come, it's something you can do today or with a planned gift. Celebrate SUU's 125th anniversary by creating your scholarship this year.

1. Select a Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship

  • Permanent and perpetual
  • Created with gifts of $40,000 or more
  • May be funded over a period of five years
  • The interest earned on the principal will fund the scholarship; principal remains untouched

Annual Scholarship

  • Established with Gifts of $1,000 or more
  • Four-year commitment of similar gift is required to fund student through schooling
  • Not permanent, but opportunity to build a lasting relationship between donor and recipient

2. Determine Scholarship Criteria

Endowed and annual scholarship donors may choose the scholarship name and criteria.

Examples include :

  • Academic Achievement
  • Leadership Potential
  • Geographic Origin
  • Financial Need
  • Area of interest
  • Merit

3. See the Impact of your Gift

Donors to annual and endowed scholarships are notified annually when a scholarship recipient is selected. They also have an opportunity to meet the students they are helping at the annual Scholarship Appreciation Banquet.

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