September 21, 2017
Helen Foster Snow Day
The Great Hall

Helen Foster Snow was a remarkable woman born in Cedar City, Utah in 1907, who lived in China during the 1930's and became an important author, a lifelong humanitarian, and a bridge-builder between the United States and China. She wrote about the people and events in China's remote communist territories during an important era. She relayed detailed portraits of female communist leaders and famous figures such as Mao Zedong and Zhu De, as well as common people struggling to survive in a period of increasing turmoil. Her informed, compassionate depictions built a bridge linking American interest to the welfare of the Chinese.

Event Reflection

On Thursday September 21, 2017 the members of the SUU community, guests from across the country, guests from China, and community members of Cedar City celebrated the birthday, life, and achievements of Helen Foster Snow. The day was a festival with sessions through-out the entire day. Each of the sessions was filled to brim of inspiration, joy, stories of Helen Snow’s life in while she lived in China and after she returned to the U.S.

Helen Foster Snow has been regarded as one of the most influential and important journalists of her time through her intimate interviews with some of the leaders from the, “Red China” movement. She was also one of forces to convince Mao Zedong to lend his support for the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives.

The sessions of the HFS Day Festival showed the close and unique stories that Helen’s close friends and family were able to share to people that were never able to know her personally. During the dinner the Dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts, Shauna Mendini, recounted on a trip to China with CPVA. The trip was the work of people in China and Cedar City to recreate the story of Helen Snow’s life through the arts. Her remarks were followed by several musical numbers inspired by Helen Snow and the journey she lived.

One could say that besides Helen Show, the VIP of the event was An Wei. An Wei was a longtime friend of Helen’s and has visited Cedar City several times due to the friendship. At the dinner An Wei was presented with a gorgeous painting, illustrating him and Helen Snow. An Wei was honored with the gift and mentioned that it would be one of his most treasured belongings.

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