About A.P.E.X.

A.P.E.X. Events is almost 40 years old! We are starting to plan the celebration! We are of one of the longest standing programs on campus and we can’t wait to celebrate this huge milestone! Stay tuned for details!

In its previous iteration as the "SUU Convocations Series," this program has been bringing exciting experts across all disciplines to campus for almost 40 years! It began as a speakers’ series funded by the president’s office, and its first event was on March 24, 1983, with motivational Speaker Dan Clark speaking on the "The Power of Positive Thinking." Currently, the series is housed in the Provost’s Office and directed by a faculty member on a ½ time teaching load with a support staff. Attendees to our events are students, faculty, staff and community members, and speakers have been invited from all areas of the US and abroad. While on campus, guests are invited to interact with students and faculty in multiple ways, with opportunities to connect and network in vast areas of scholarship! All A.P.E.X. events are free and open to the public!

What’s with the [X]? The new tagline for our series is “Ask. Ponder. Educate. [X].” and the [X] represents the variety of topics we explore in the series – it's the variable element from week to week. Dr. Vartan and her team are passionate about the broad spectrum of thoughts, ideas, disciplines, backgrounds and cultural themes that can be showcased and shared, all within the context and with the consistency and organization that our team provides. There is sure to be something for everyone at some point in the season, and all events will certainly open your mind and creativity!

Our Team

Dr. Lynn Vartan - Director

Contact: vartan@suu.edu  - lynnvartan.com

Percussionist Lynn Vartan is an international performer and educator who is an advocate for diversity in music. As a new music percussionist Lynn has worked with Michael Colgrass, Vinny Golia, Arthur Jarvinen, Ursula Oppens, Joan Tower, Glen Velez, Xtet, James Newton, Chinary Ung, the Hilliard Ensemble, the Tambuco Percussion Ensemble and Grammy Award-winning Southwest Chamber Music, and is known for her dynamic athleticism and exciting energy on stage. She has commissioned and/or performed countless new works for percussion by composers such as Donald Crockett, William Kraft, Steve Hoey, Veronika Krausas, Erica Muhl, Arthur Jarvinen, Sean Heim, Jeff Holmes, Keith Bradshaw and Shaun Naidoo.

A devoted ensemble musician, Lynn is the percussionist for Southwest Chamber Music, the violin/percussion duo 61/4 which she founded with Shalini Vijayan, and a duo percussion group Exacta that she formed with Tambuco’s Miguel Gonzalez. Lynn is currently the Director of Percussion and director of the APEX Event Series at Southern Utah University. Lynn is endorsed by the Paiste Corporation, Remo Inc. and Marimba One.

Amelia Naumann
Assistant Event Producer

Amelia is currently in her Junior year here at SUU. Amelia is a T-bird through and through and would not trade her time at SUU for anything. She is majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Psychology. Amelia loves everything in the field of communications, from major event planning, to social media algorithms and content creation. When not thinking about writing the perfect message, Amelia is thinking about bears. From the Kodiaks of Alaska to the Sun Bears of southern Asia. Email Amelia to find out all things APEX or for a fun bear fact!


Katie Englert

Katie Englert is Lecturer in the Honors and BIS programs at SUU. With a background in Photojournalism and Anthropology, she is always taking photos of the culture and community around her. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside and working in her yard, mountain biking, swimming, and exploring the southwest.


Eliesia Clark

Eliesia Clark
Graphic Design and Marketing

Eliesia is currently a senior at SUU majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. Growing up she always knew she wanted to study and pursue a career in design. She loves anything outdoors, music and going to concerts, and simply just spending time with people she loves!

Christina Schweiss

Christina Schweiss is a Sophomore at SUU majoring in Theatre and Communications and minoring in Shakespearean Studies. She loves writing, poetry, acting, meeting new people, and exploring different wonders life has to offer. Her favorite Shakespeare play is “Two Gentlemen of Verona” and she loves the show “Golden Girls” with her favorite character being Blanche.