September 28, 2017
Off the Cuff 
Comedy Improv Group
The Charles Hunter Room

Trained by some of the greatest names in improv' comedy, Off the Cuff seeks to delight and entertain your funny bone with their hilarious, notorious, and uproarious brand of performance styles. Since 2004, their number one mission has been to educate in the field of improvisation and theater. Off the Cuff performs every Friday at 10pm at the OTC Comedy Training Center located at 913 S. Main in Cedar City.

Event Reflection

On Thursday September 28, 2017, the A.P.E.X. Event Series got a great visit from Off the Cuff Improv Group. The group regularly performs in Cedar City every Friday night at 913 South Main St. at 10 PM.

While at SUU they performed for the weekly A.P.E.X. event and it was absolutely packed! The A.P.E.X. team and OTC Comedy were ecstatic with the turn out! OTC played multiple games during the performance. Each one of the games created a different scenario either highlighting one performer or they would alternate between different plot lines.

The final game was called, “Triangle.” In the game, each of the three members stood as the points of a triangle and would rotate into different positions. While the shape rotated two members would stand at the front. These two members would be given a story idea to which they were supposed to create a plot. The group would stay in a position for a few minutes elaborating on their improvised story and then they would rotate the shape. Eventually the rotation would return to members and they were required to return to the story without plot holes.

The audience was constantly in a roar and couldn’t get enough of the group. The day finished up with a short Q&A highlighting how the members were introduced to improv comedy, how someone can learn improv comedy, and a few audience questions.

Stay tuned for A.P.E.X.’s next event, Live Appeals Court Session, on Oct. 12.