January 25, 2018
SUUSA Senators
"State of the Union" Roundtable
Whiting Room

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Come and hear your SUUSA senators talk about how things are going on campus - which topics are their priorities, and how has the year been going for the TBird student government. As the new year begins, hear what the "state of the union" means for SUU!

This is an APEX FOCUS event. Seats are available on a first come first serve basis and subject to capacity.

Event Reflection

by Jordan Nielsen

Thursday, Jan. 25 – The A.P.E.X. Series held its first "Focus Day" event of the 2018 Spring Semester. The event featured four senators from Southern Utah University's Student Association (SUUSA).

SUUSA senators that joined the discussion were:

  • Parker Hess – Vice President of Academics
  • Josh Osborne – Finance Assistant
  • D'Mia Lamar – Vice President of Budget and Finance
  • Vanessa Kirkby – Senator for the Lower Division

The senators were joined by Dr. Lynn Vartan, the director of A.P.E.X. Each of the senators gave a brief introduction of each of the senators, where they are from, what their role in SUUSA is, and how they initially got into their student government careers. The senators ranged from being involved in student governments from the beginning of high school to the present and others are experiencing only their second year.

The event was filled with great discussion and questions from Dr. Vartan and members of the audience. Some hot topics of the event were students feeling that there isn't enough parking and a proposal to instigate a mandatory mid-term grading policy for professors.

A reoccurring theme was the senators stressing the need for student feedback. Their jobs are to create a better student experience in the university and they need feedback from all departments. Students can submit feedback through "My SUU Voice" in their portals, on any social media with "#mysuuvoice", and to the My SUU Voice in front of the SUUSA office.


APEX Hour Podcast

This week’s radio show features Music Department Faculty and students sharing about music education and life in music. The SUUSA Senators were unavailable for the radio show.

Audio Transcript