February 1, 2018
Meet the Business Building
Process of the New Construction
The Great Hall

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What does it take to design a new building on a university campus? What is the process like, what makes this different than other architectural projects? Come to this event to hear from the designers, architects and facilities management behind SUU's newest addition. Get to know the new structure before it is completed!

Event Reflection

by Billy Clouse

At this week's event, a panel of five showed all of the considerations that go into bringing a new building to campus.

Mary Pearson, the dean of the School of Business and Greg Powell, the chair of the Department of Management, Marketing, & Hospitality, discussed why the school, which has grown by about 40% in recent years, needs a new home. The current building has structural issues, such as a non-ADA-compliant elevator and out-of-date infrastructure and software, which the new building will correct. It will also have room for large lecture halls, a new entrepreneurship lab, eight study rooms, and space for the new business analytics programs.

Tiger Funk, the executive director for Facilities Management, discussed the considerations that go into placing and planning the building. These include finding a location with the room for it, extending necessary utility services, and selecting a spot that fits in with the surrounding structures.

Chad Nielsen, the CEO of MHTN Architects, said that designing the building is a long, but enjoyable, collaborative process. The needs of the students, staff, and school must be considered, as well as how the building will contribute to the flow of traffic and how it will look. He said that Pearson, Powell, and Funk were all part of the committee that helped make these decisions.

Brian McBeth, the project manager for Layton Construction, was the final member of the panel. He talked about the process of taking blueprints and digital mockups and finding the most cost-effective way of bringing them to life. Our Business Building went through 14 price estimates, but in the end, Layton Construction was able to bring the guaranteed maximum price of the project to just under 11.15 million, which is 1.6% below the target budget.

This A.P.E.X. Event was not only informative about what happens behind the scenes of a multi-million-dollar construction project, but it was an exciting look at a major change coming to the University. Next week, A.P.E.X. will host Emily Graslie, a scientist and YouTube sensation, as she presents "The Value of Curiosity."


APEX Hour Podcast

This week's radio show features faculty from SUU Languages talking about the 2nd annual SUU International Film Festival.

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