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Off the Cuff

January 24, 2019
The Great Hall

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Live improv comedy performance at SUU! 

Trained by some of the greatest names in improv comedy, Off the Cuff seeks to delight and entertain your funny bone with their hilarious, notorious, and uproarious brand of performance styles.

Since 2004 our number one mission has been to educate in the field of improvisation, theatre, and just being your self onstage to achieve greatness. If you have not seen one of our shows yet, you should check it out on any Friday night at 10pm at the OTC Comedy Training Center, located at 913 S. Main in Cedar City, in the same shopping center as IFA and Dollar Tree. We'll see you there



Thursday, January 24 the Off the Cuff Comedy (OTC) group visited the campus of SUU as a part of A.P.E.X. Events. OTC is an improv comedy group based in Cedar City and was started by SUU alumni! OTC has weekly shows on Friday Nights at 10 PM. You can find out more info on the Off the Cuff website.

OTC’s A.P.E.X. performance consisted of several games and a short Q&A at the end to answer audience questions. One of their most popular games is all about text message conversations. This game takes three people and a random subject. Two of the players use the text messages from audience member’s cell phones, while the third person has to maintain a conversation with them. The performers instantly had the audience laughing their heads off!

OTC wanted to impart some of their key beliefs to the audience for running your life, work, and how to make great improv comedy:

  1. Yes…and…. keep the conversation going!
  2. Commit Fully
  3. Respect each other the place and each other
  4. Leave your ego at the door

Be on the lookout for the improv classes, festivals, and everything else that OTC is putting on in the future! Info on their classes, shows and festivals are all available on their website!


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