Southern Utah Paranormal Society

Southern Utah Paranormal Society

January 21, 2021
The Great Hall

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Founded by Kevin Olson and Joshua Stewart, Southern Utah Paranormal (SUP) provides free paranormal investigations to the residents of Southern Utah. Kevin is a retired State Police Sergeant, with 30 years of investigation experience. He brings a grounding energy to the team and provides practical insight when determining the causes of phenomena the investigators may be experiencing, without sensationalizing it. 

Joshua had personal experiences earlier in his life, creating a deep interest in the paranormal activity. He brings to the team a quest to know the truth. He aims to debunk activity and separate real and unexplained paranormal activities, from what may be imaginary.

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A.P.E.X. Events kicked off its Spring 2021 season by delving into the paranormal with the locally-based Southern Utah Paranormal Society on January 21, 2021. Founded by Kevin Olson and Joshua Stewart, Southern Utah Paranormal (SUP) provides free paranormal investigations to the residents of Southern Utah. As founding members, Kevin and Josh developed the group with practical insight combined with a deep interest and passion for finding “what is out there.” As a whole, the group is made up of mainstream community members, including retired and working police officers, school employees, state employees, retired people, hospital employees, stay-at-home moms, and university students. The unique selection of members and contributors brings a variety of experience to the field and to solving paranormal mysteries. Representing the Southern Utah Paranormal Society for the A.P.E.X. Event included members Todd, Tina, and her daughter, Shannon.

Todd began the presentation with a PowerPoint showing the core and founding members of the team as well as explaining their mission - to reveal any paranormal activity found in Southern Utah - and talked about how they go out to houses and businesses that have contacted them (or that they contacted) and search for paranormal activity for free in the community. The group also discussed some definitions that they use frequently during their hunts and defined that what they do in searching for paranormal activity isn’t quite backed up scientifically, but they hope that it will be soon. Todd also went over and talked about many of the equipment and methods they use to capture paranormal activity that isn’t picked up by the naked ear or eye, such as EVPs (electronic voice phenomena).

The group also shared with the audience audio clips that they had captured (with permission from the location’s owner, of course) and pointed out faint whispers and sounds that were picked up by recording equipment. Along with discussing some well-known buildings in town that are said to have paranormal activity (including the campus itself), Dr. Vartan also asked the trio many questions about their craft along with a Q&A session from the audience.