Utah's Live Court of Appeals

October 27, 2022
The Great Hall

A.P.E.X. Events – SUU’s Premier Event Series – is joined this week by the Utah Court of Appeals. Join A.P.E.X. Events on Thursday October 27th 2022 to hear two live appeals cases. One case will begin at 10:00 AM, with the second case presented at 11:30 AM in the Great Hall on the campus of SUU.

Our first case, beginning at 10:00 AM will be State V West. The first argument is Presented by Nicholas Turner - Attorney for Appellant and James R. Weeks - Attorney for Appellee. Cindy Law had obtained a stalking injunction against Debra West that required West to stay at least 20 feet away from her at all times. Law was working in the library at the clubhouse for the community where both Law and West lived when West came into the library to hang a poster.

Law called the police, and West was charged with violating the stalking injunction. West's defense was that she did not know Law was at the library when she went in and that she did not intend to violate the stalking injunction.

Our second case, beginning at 11:30 AM will be RainFocus V. Cvent. The second Argument will be Presented by Alexander Dushku - Attorney for Appellant and Marc Rasich - Attorney for Appellee. RainFocus has sued Cvent for defamation and intentional interference with economic relations. These claims are based on statements Cvent allegedly made to several clients or prospective clients about RainFocus while Cvent has been pursuing a separate lawsuit against RainFocus in federal court for, among other things, copyright infringement, breach of contract, and trade secret misappropriation.

RainFocus argues that statements such as those claiming that it stole Cvent’s source code and misappropriated its trade secrets are defamatory. RainFocus acknowledges that such statements are privileged when made in court proceedings for the federal case, but it asserts that outside of those court proceedings such statements qualify as defamation.