Leon Logothetis - Eccles Visiting Scholar - APEX March 9, 2023

Leon Logothetis

March 9, 2023
The Great Hall

Leon Logothetis is an accomplished and well-known figure in the world of adventure, media, and motivational speaking. He has dedicated over a decade of his life to traveling to over 100 countries, showcasing the good in humanity and spreading a message of kindness and hope. This mission is well documented in his best-selling books and TV shows, with "The Kindness Diaries", now streaming on Discovery Plus. Through his adventures, books, and TV shows, Leon strives to inspire and motivate people across the globe to be kinder, more hopeful, and to see the good in others.

Logothetis has worked with many well-being brands and companies to ignite a spark of love, adventure, and humanity into their message and expand their global awareness. When he's not making TV shows and writing books, he's traveling around the world, speaking to schools and businesses about the power of kindness, compassion, and empathy. Leon's goal is to always make a positive impact with his work and content.

'Go Be Brave': Leon Logothetis inspires others by sharing about his life

by Andrea Rodgers

On March 9 in the Hunter Alumni Center, Leon Logothetis gave a lecture at SUU’s premiere event series, Ask. Ponder. Educate. [X]., titled “Go Be Brave.”

Logothetis opened his presentation by asking the audience, “When was the last time you were brave?”

Being brave was the key concept of Logothetis’ lecture. “Speaking your truth — to me, that is the bravest thing that each and every one of us can do,” he said. “Everyone in this room has a truth that maybe they are not sharing. Every single person has a truth bubbling inside them.”
Logothetis emphasized that we are all “fueled by the receiving and giving of kindness” as humans.

“We are all the same. We want to be seen, heard, loved, and we want to create something long lasting,” Logothetis said after showing a clip from “The Kindness Diaries,” his show on Discovery Plus. “Go inside and feel their heart. They are just like us.”

Logothetis explained to the audience that most of us are stuck in the prison of our minds, and while we may never be fully free, speaking our truths offers a starting point.

“What do you want in this great adventure called life?” he asked later in the lecture. He gave the audience members postcards to write about what they want to get out of life and which goals they want to achieve. To keep the audience accountable of their goals, they were encouraged to send the postcards back to Logothetis so everyone can get their lifelong goals completed.

Leaving the audience with some words of advice, Logothetis explained, “Sometimes there are people who don’t want you to become magnificent. Don’t let them win. You deserve to live the greatest life you could possibly live.”




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  • The Godfather Waltz (Main Title) - Nino Rota, Carlo Savina
  • I’m Still Standing - Elton John
  • Big Ideas - The Boxer Rebellion