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Posted: August 10, 2016 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 2 minutes

Student in science labBreanna Schurtz, human resources specialist, shares her advice for finding a job on campus:

Start job searching EARLY. It gets really competitive when everyone gets back in town for school. To find jobs on campus, you have three options:

Search for job openings on the official student employment website at If you are Work Study eligible, you can apply for both student hourly jobs and Work Study jobs. If you are not Work Study eligible, you can apply for the student hourly jobs only.

Make sure you review your resume, application, cover letter, etc. very closely to catch all errors before submitting them. You need to show the employers that you are detail-oriented and can prepare professional work. Also, you should read the job posting and incorporate the duties and qualifications listed into your application materials to show you are a great match for the position. Once your application materials are ready, follow the application instructions closely that are listed on the job posting.

Show up early for your interview, and during your interview show enthusiasm about the job and your qualifications! Know facts about the area where you want to work and be sure to dress, act, and talk like a professional in your field.

After the interview, follow up with the employer to show interest in the position and thank them for the interview.

Once you are hired for a job, be sure to come to Human Resources in Administration Building (AD) 106 to fill out your hiring paperwork. You must bring with you original forms of ID to fill out your paperwork. Most students bring their driver's license and social security card.

Show up for work on time. Be dependable, reliable, and motivated. You need to prove yourself as an all-star employee, no matter what your position, because when you graduate you will want to use your SUU employer as a reference.

Breanna recently graduated from SUU with her bachelor's degree in business management. While working toward her degree, she worked as the HR student office assistant for three years. When Breanna graduated, she was offered the position for the full-time Human Resources Specialist. Her job is to help students take advantage of employment opportunities on campus and navigate the hiring process. Breanna is passionate about SUU and all this university has to offer students who put in the time and effort to succeed.

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