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Many students start their college experience with a specific idea of what they want to do for a career, only to have their plans change entirely while they are in school. Pinning down an exact career path can be tricky, especially while trying to balance schoolwork and other priorities on top of it. Luckily, there are many resources available to help Southern Utah University students – graduated or currently in attendance–in picking the right career path, namely, the Career Center.

What is the Career Center?

The on-campus Career Center is located in room 204 in the Sharwan Smith Student Center. There are experts available to help with any and all career-based questions. And it’s not just for students – faculty and staff, alumni and employers can use the Career Center.

The Career Center’s mission is to “help students and alumni find purpose, make connections, and prepare for the future.” Whether it be searching for or posting a job opportunity, the SUU Career Center is the place to get started.

What Resources Are Available to Students?

The Career Center is available to help students from picking their major to picking their career. Students can take SUU 1020 - Exploratory Studies to help them decide on a major or career, or they can take a wide variety of general education courses. Student s may also attend a Career Exploration Workshop or schedule a Career Assessment appointment with a member of the Career Center staff.  Learn more about how to pick a major/ career.

For students looking for on-campus jobs or work-study opportunities, the Career Center is the place to start. Check out available campus jobs and work-study positions. On-campus jobs are also a part of the SUU Career Academy, which is built directly into on-campus jobs, under the division of Student Affairs, to help student employees become “T-Bird Ready” through workshops and skill-enhancing programs. The Career Center can also help students find employment opportunities off campus through Handshake, a job posting website like Indeed, but that utilizes the personal connections that SUU has made. It’s completely free and is a great way for students to connect with potential employers off campus. And if students are seeking an internship, they can find help here.

But before applying for a job, students are advised to update their resume and cover letter. Don’t know where to start? Consulting with an expert in the Career Center is a great first step. The Career Center’s website has many great primary tips for creating a standout resume and cover letter. For further assistance, visit the Career Center between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays, or email them at

After applying for a job, most likely the employer will want to set up an interview. The Career Center is available to offer any advice on how to stand out before, during and after the interview. They even have resources on how to ace a phone or video interview. Part of the job interview is looking the part–i.e. dressing nicely and not wearing shorts and flip-flops. Browse the Career Center’s advice for how to amp up an interview wardrobe. If finding nice clothes is a little out of a student’s budget, the Career Center offers the opportunity to apply for a Professional Dress Funding Application, where students can apply to be provided and aided with getting professional attire.

Before some students start their careers, they need to get a graduate, or sometimes even a doctorate degree. The Career Center staff consults with students who are interested in attending graduate school and walks them through the specific steps to get there. They also help with writing a resume or a personal statement and how to prepare for an interview. Potential graduate students can visit the Career Center in person or on their website to learn more.

One of the most important parts of starting a career is networking. Meeting different people at career-centered events can help kickstart a career. The Career Center has tons of tips for networking, and how to make the most of a career or job fair.

How Can the SUU Career Center Help SUU Alumni?

The Career Center can still aid students after they graduate–over sixty thousand SUU alumni are now out there changing the world, and they can also help boost the careers of fellow graduates and current students. The Career Center is available to offer similar assistance in resume and cover letter writing, as well as interviewing tips and help in deciding on a career. Schedule a meeting online or in person.

Many alumni have stayed in the nest, returning to work on campus in various jobs. Alumni can check out SUU jobs here. Other job-searching resources are also available to SUU grads. Alumni can also post a job through SUU’s Career Center the same way any employer can.

Another valuable resource accessible to SUU Alumni is the "Refer a Bird" program, designed to facilitate the sharing of employment opportunities within alumni's companies with SUU. Even if you're not directly involved in hiring, your insights into openings within your organization can assist us in connecting T-Birds with potential positions. Simply complete this form and it will allow us to help you recruit SUU students.

How Can the SUU Career Center Help Employers?

Employers can recruit from SUU through the Career Center. Opportunities for employee recruitment can be through the job or career fairs, or by reserving a mall table or room in the Student Center. Employers can also conduct tours for SUU students to come and see the workspace in person. Learn more about reservation and recruitment guidelines.

Posting a job at SUU is free for employers, and not only allows employers to advertise their business to tens of thousands of students but as well as an extensive list of qualified SUU alumni. Learn more about how to post a job at SUU.

How Can the SUU Career Center Help Faculty and Staff?

If a student has asked you to write a reference letter, check out these guidelines and tips.

If a professor is thinking of canceling class, they can have the Career Center come and speak to the class instead. The SUU Career Center is nationally certified and able to provide students with current and valuable information that they can use as they enter the workforce. Learn more about Career Center Workshops.

The Career Center is the best place for past and present T-Birds to take the next step in deciding and moving into their career. Visit the Career Center online or in the Student Center to see where to soar next.

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