From Southern Utah University Fanatic to SUUSA President

Posted: November 25, 2016 | Author: Emma Pay and Samantha Burfiend | Read Time: 3 minutes

Tyler Cornia

SUUSA Student Body President Tyler Cornia, a senior business major from South Jordan, UT, eats, sleeps and breathes all things SUU. And in a crowd of screaming student fans, Tyler can be heard above all.“Tyler has been SUU’s No. 1 fan since day one,” said Dave Stone, a senior human nutrition major from Cedar City and close friend. “Tyler became student body president because he knew that position was where he would have the most influence on improving the institution he loves and identifies with.”

According to Tyler, he spends an average of two waking hours at home every day, with the rest of his day spent on campus, interacting with students, planning and attending events and tending to student needs. He even spends his one-hour lunch break interacting with new students to gather feedback.

Throughout his college career, Tyler has been involved as a Presidential Ambassador, SUUSA leader, athletic director, president of the co-ed volleyball club and member of the astronomy club. On top of all that, he attends nearly every school event, and rallies students to attend with him.

“I’ve been very involved, going to all the activities, making different connections with different people, and honestly I love this school more now than when I first got here,” said Tyler.

During his time at SUU, Tyler has discovered new interests and found friends and mentors in unlikely places. After making a connection with astronomy professor Brent Sorenson during his freshman year, Tyler and a classmate began hosting weekly movie nights to strengthen their friendship with the professor outside of the classroom.

In addition to Sorenson, Tyler said Michael Kroff, Tyler Stillman, Amy Tukuafu and Brandon Wright are some of the professors, advisors and leaders who have influenced him the most.

While many staff members have affected Tyler, those same professors and advisors have also benefited from interactions with him. Wright was Tyler’s supervisor during his time as a presidential ambassador.

“I personally believe that he has done so much to not only show prospective students, but also current students what it’s like to be a T-bird,” said Wright. “He has this ability to draw people to him (with) his personality (and) his energy.”

Tyler will graduate in May, but his commitment to the university won’t end there. He said he hopes to become successful enough to donate back to the school, in order to fund projects, such as improving the P.E. building, where he said he has spent a lot of time as a student, and constructing a new statue. He plans to return for the Homecoming game, whenever possible, and maybe even send his future children to SUU.

“I hope that at the end of my time here at SUU, people remember that I have loved this school and I had passion for this school,” Tyler said. “And that I had school spirit and was able to instill that into others.”

As many alumni have repeated over the years, “Once a T-Bird, always a T-Bird,” and no one owns that title as proudly as Tyler Cornia.

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