3 Reasons to be an Art Education Major

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8 reasons to be an art education major

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Secondary Art Education is a professional degree that focuses on studio work in art and design, art history, critical thinking and effective instructional methods. This degree enables students to develop a basis for art education that is informed by an understanding of various media, the elements and principles of art, historical and cultural art contexts and effective teaching practices. The BFA is fundamentally different from a BA or BS, because it requires 74 credits in art and design, rather than 40 to 50. It is the preferred degree for art educators.

Southern Utah University has the only program in the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) that is nationally accredited in art and design. It also has the only Art and Design Department in USHE that is a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The faculty are committed artists and educators who guide and involve their students in many small group and individual endeavors that promote aesthetics, critical thinking and art production.

Ashlee Brown, a student majoring in Secondary Art Education, sketched out three reasons for being an Arts Education Major.

3 Reasons to be an Art Education Major from Southern Utah University

1.You get to cultivate the next generation’s imagination. As part of the degree requirements, you get to complete at least 20 hours of practicum at local middle or high schools. This gives you practice and experience working with kids of all ages. After graduation you'll be prepared to step into a classroom and cultivate the next generation's imagination and creativity.

2. Practicing your art is homework. Everyday you get to do what you love, whether that's painting, drawing, sketching, photography or ceramics. Your homework is creating art and you get to practice your craft on a regular basis. Refining your skills will lead to more opportunities. When it's time to graduate, you'll be able to find a job in a field you love.

3. There are several opportunities to gain real-world experience and build your resume. Several on-campus jobs and internships are available at SUU. Students can find themselves working at the new Southern Utah Museum of Art, or designing promotional graphics for Student Services or working in education at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Volunteer opportunities are also available at art studios, framing shops, and local schools. Students can attend art education conferences and events, which will help you build connections and networking relationships.

The Art Education major offers an in depth, personalized learning experience with abundant opportunities for undergraduate students to develop skills, find their own unique artistic voice, and exhibit their art work. Many of the SUU studio art students have been accepted into prestigious graduate schools. While students, they have shown their work in professional state, regional and national competitions. SUU art education students have jobs teaching at the secondary and college levels.

The SUU Art and Design faculty are committed to superior teaching and encourage academic excellence. As professional artists and designers with diverse backgrounds, the faculty take pride in their position as role models for all students.

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