BFA Art Education

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Art Education focuses on art and design, art history, and instructional methods. Students have ample opportunities to master various media; engage with artists, teachers, and museum professionals; and complete field experiences at K-12 schools. The degree prepares students to receive licensure at the secondary level (grades 7-12). However, as part of the degree, students may pursue an endorsement to teach at the elementary level (grades K-6) or explore options in museum education or art therapy.

Program Highlights

The program has integrated art and education topics so that students can receive licensure with a minimum of 120 credit hours. Paired with its three-pronged approach featuring K-12 teaching, museum education, and art therapy, art education at SUU is one of the state’s most efficient, affordable, and dynamic programs. Furthermore, it is also one of the state’s most active programs. Art education students frequently visit and teach in local classrooms and participate in the university’s student chapter of the National Art Education Association. Each year, members of the chapter attend the spring conference of the Utah Art Education Association and senior members also travel to the national convention.

Available Resources

A state of the art education studio, as well as other Art and Design Department facilities, including a painting studio, a drawing studio, a ceramics studio, a print-making studio, photography studios and lab, a critique room and two Apple-based computer labs. The Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery maintains a twelve month exhibition schedule that includes student exhibitions. Additional exhibition space is available for students in the Gerald R. Sherratt Library, Sharwan Smith Student Center and South Hall (home of the College of Performing and Visual Arts).

Wade Arave and group of Parowan High students

Student Groups and Clubs

Art Education Student Association
Apple-Z Graphic Design Club
Bookbinders Club
Ceramics Guild
Photography Club
Plein-Air Painters
Walking Lizard Printers Guild

Student Quotes

The art education program not only helped me to be a better problem solver, but it helped me to teach others to be problem solvers.”  Wade Arave

“In the SUU Art and Design Department I am an artist, a student, an educator, but most of all I am a person. The faculty and staff are just as concerned about my personal growth and development as my academic.” Mekele Robinson

“I love the Art and Design Department at SUU. The class sizes are small and you get to know the professors. The on-on-one help is great!”  Holly Pearson

“I have been very impressed with how personally encouraging the faculty has been. There seems to be no end to extracurricular activities and events. The Department is always organizing a car pool or group trip to expand student horizons. My resume is more well-rounded because of these activities.” Shanalee Sadler

Wade Arave and Parowan High student

Art Education Alumni

Steve Jones has enjoyed a long and successful career as an art educator. Steve’s Pineview High students have been recognized repeatedly at the Statewide High School exhibition held at the Springville Museum. Steve was named High School Art Educator of the Year by the Utah Art Education Association.

Carrie Trenholm is the Sorenson Endowed Chair in Elementary Art Education at Southern Utah University. She is past president of the Utah Art Education Association and has been selected by that organization as their Art Educator of the Year.

2019-2020 Catalog
Art Education 4YR Degree Schedule

Possible Careers

Middle school art educator
High school art educator
Art specialist in public or private schools
Museum educator
Art center educator
Educational text author
Art curriculum director at the district or state level
Art education consultant
Arts council educator
and many others!

World Wide Web Art Education Resources

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