A Backstage Look at Being a Theatre Major

Posted: April 07, 2017 | Author: Cami Mathews | Read Time: 3 minutes

Theater student performing The SUU Department of Theatre Arts and Dance offers students the opportunity to study the extensive art of theatre within a liberal arts curriculum. Students majoring in theatre can choose to get a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. Courses are carefully designed to give students a broad understanding of the discipline, as well as various concentrations in different focus areas dependent on the needs of the student.

Students majoring in theater arts can choose to emphasize in one of two areas: acting/directing or design/tech. Once an emphasis is chosen, a student works with the department advisor to make an individualized plan of study. There is great flexibility in choosing a plan of study due to many focus areas ranging from acting to education. The program is designed to enhance a student’s strengths in addition to providing essential foundations and skills necessary for a fuller intellectual grasp of the art form.

The department also offers secondary teaching licensure in collaboration with the university’s nationally accredited College of Education. Many graduates go on to teach in public school systems throughout the nation.

The theatre department enrolls some of the most energetic, influential, and enthusiastic individuals on campus. With the help of multiple students in the department, here are three reasons why you should consider a theatre arts major.

You will enjoy a sense of community
The theatre department is one of the most cohesive departments on campus. From professors to students, each person is a key player in making the environment both positive and influential.

"Theatre is collaboration. Allowing yourself to share the space of expression with fellow artists –taking in and giving back– to add to the art, you will grow as an artist more than you ever could alone,” said Kade Cox, senior studying theatre with a concentration in classical acting.

"Every theatre major should do something they've never done before and be kind to their classmates. You make friends and connections here and as artists, you must support and celebrate each other. Get involved and help your fellow artists. The connections you make in college will follow you and change your life forever,” said Tony Sloan, senior BS in Theatre, minor in Political Science.

You will grow
There will be late nights, long hours, and a lot of work that goes into being a theatre arts major. No matter what it takes, students find it rewarding to see themselves learning and growing along the way.

"Trust the work, and trust yourself. Devoting the time that is needed is paramount when it comes to being a theatre major. Making discoveries and taking risks help you grow as a person and an artist.” said Henry Ballesteros, junior BFA in Classical Acting.

"Put yourself out there even though it may be terrifying. Talk to people and learn everything you can from them. They will help you become the best version of yourself and together you will create incredible moments. Have fun and just connect with the people around you because theatre is the art of human interaction,” said Phoebe Bock, junior BS in Theatre with an emphasis on Hair/Makeup, minor in Film Screen Studies.

You will be encouraged to fail
Theatre arts majors are encouraged to push the boundaries and exceed expectations. There will be failures and challenges, but those are the times that students bounce back and exceed expectations.

"It is okay to fail. What you take away from your mistakes and how you prevent them from happening again is what is most important. A bad experience is better than no experience, said Ellen Osborne Kemp, senior BFA in Theatre Design & Technology.

"Stay out of your comfort zone. Push your limits. Be brave. There is no better place to leap into the unknown than here. Here is where you can try and fail spectacularly so the next time you will fly. Don't be afraid to reach out to those around you. We are all working towards the same thing,” said Aimee Starr Pearson, senior BFA in Theatre Design & Technology.

For more information on becoming a theatre major, check out the Department of Theatre Art and Dance.

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