4 Reasons Why You Should Major in Communication

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Southern Utah University’s Department of Communication offers students a BA or BS degree with a choice of three emphases in either communication studies, media studies, or strategic communication. The department also has three minors related to the emphases, as well as a speech and writing certificate. For students who want to further their communication education, they can earn their Master of Arts in Communication from SUU as well.

4 reasons to major in communication

The mission of the communication department is to provide opportunities for its students to apply the principles and theories of human communication and mass media in situations that simulate the professional world. The department operates in a student-centered environment to foster ethical behavior, superior communication skills, leadership abilities, and critical thinking.

Sierra Bonner graduated with her undergraduate communication degree, and is now studying Professional Communication in the master’s program. With her help, here are four reasons why you should major in communication.

1. Communication is a gateway to many careers

A degree in communication can lead a student down many different career paths. With three varying emphases, students are able to pursue careers that they are good at and passionate about. Having these options can make a student excited to learn.

“It was the perfect major for me because I am interested in such a wide variety of things, and I know I’ll never be bored,” said Bonner. “Being a communication major allows me to display the best version of myself.”

2. Homework mirrors real-world office projects

For Bonner, her homework ranged from research papers to writing radio scripts to creating advertisement copy. It always related back to her major. Homework for a communication major almost always reflects the work a professional in the field does on a regular basis.

Media students can have a chance to work with the University Journal, gaining hands on experience. Classes in broadcast have homework that reflects the work a student would do for a real TV station. Communication studies majors can work in real conflict resolution environments under the Director of the Speech and Presentation Center, Sage Platt. Finally, homework for a strategic communication major includes working with real clients in southern Utah to create public relations and advertising campaigns to help grow businesses in the area.

3. Students experience hands-on education

There are varying opportunities to work hands-on in the field of communication while at SUU. With small class sizes, multiple practicums, and in-the-field classes, students are able to both study and work in their related fields.

In communication classes, students can work on projects with a multitude of other fields. Students developing event management skills can work with any department to help curate their events. Those who work in media can develop stories emphasizing each majors’ special talents. Those in strategic communication emphasis have the ability to work with SUU’s Art and Design department to develop magazines, logos and more.

4. There are a lot of internship opportunities

Communication majors have a plethora of opportunities while at SUU to gain a sense of what their careers will be once they graduate. Internships are the perfect example of giving students real-world experiences while still earning their degree.

“I have had the opportunity to have an online marketing internship, and an internship with the Speech and Presentation Center,” said Sierra. “I loved my time in those internships because it showed me how every aspect of my major is intertwined into a career.”

The program, which consists of attentive professors, real world experiences, and homework that relates to future work in their career, is the perfect starting point for a student who plans to work in the field of communication.

To learn more, visit the Department of Communication.

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