Reasons to Get a High School Internship

Posted: June 24, 2022 | Author: Kate Lyons | Read Time: 4 minutes

5 Reasons to Get a High School InternshipInternship – it’s a word said to high school students preparing for the workforce or college. Studies show that high school level internships are on the rise and for good reason. But what is an internship and why is having one so worthwhile? Well, you don’t have to wait until you’re a T-Bird to see how an internship can set you up to spread your wings and soar.

5 Reasons to Get a High School Internship

See If Your Career Choice Fits

You have the rest of your life to excel in your career. Now is the time to see which of your interests translate to a job. Maybe you want to help animals, but don’t do well with needles, so helping a non-profit for homeless pets is the best route. Maybe you dream of website design but realize you’d rather copy-write. Or maybe you want to become a nurse only to find out your happy place is with plants and the outdoors. An internship will you discover these things about yourself and set you up for success.

“Internships allow students to try out an industry or career,” Director of the Career and Professional Development Center Brandon Street said. “Because internships are designed to be short-term, there is not much risk to doing an internship to see if you enjoy the industry or career you are pursuing.”

Gain Related Experience

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to quickly gain the foundational work skills, knowledge, and experience in any career field, then an internship is your solution. They allow you to start with the basic work skills and from there, you can quickly build on that foundational skillset. Oftentimes, building a solid base of experience at one position can easily translate to other fields that also interest you, therefore expanding your future career possibilities!

Make Connections and Network

Internships are much more than skills and knowledge. A large component of an internship is making connections and building relationships – you never know when a connection you made at an internship will turn into a job offer! It happens more often than you may think. Plus, taking on an internship in an area that excites you also means you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a common interest. It’s a fantastic way to make new friends and bounce your ideas off others.

Improve Your Resume or Applications

Maybe you want to start the path of your career while in high school, or maybe you want to see if the college degree you want to pursue is a good fit for you. Taking on an internship in high school will greatly benefit you and help you to stand out on any application you submit – for a job or for college.

“Internships help students gain the related experience that employers a looking for when hiring,” said Street. “In a study completed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), it was found that when employers are reviewing two equally qualified candidates, most times they tend to choose the one with internship experience.”

You can also have your internship supervisor be a reference when applying for a job or college. They will be able to share their experience working with you and mentoring you in a letter of recommendation as well.

Load Up On Opportunity

An internship doesn’t mean running errands and grabbing coffee for the boss like the movies tell us. Internships are where you can greatly expand your knowledge in a short amount of time. It’s where you can travel or get noticed by a large company. Some internships are willing to pay, so it’s also an opportunity for your first paid professional experience! Taking on an internship is another way of ensuring that your dreams become reality and then some.


Now that you know a little more about what an internship can do for you, you may find yourself debating between an internship in high school or in college? Why not both? Southern Utah University’s Career and Professional Development Center offers a wide range of resources for students, including in-depth knowledge about internships. While you may not be in college just yet, the Center has some great insight into how an internship is beneficial to high school and college students. The Center also offers a dedicated Internship Coordinator whose purpose is to help students find and prepare for internship opportunities.

“The Career Center also has a formal internship program called the Professional Internship Program that allows students to work in a professional internship on the SUU campus,” said Street. “This program is designed to provide a professional internship opportunity while intentionally developing career readiness skills.”

So go ahead! Apply for a high school internship and see where that opportunity leads. You never know, you could find the industry or job that fits just right and will make your dreams come true.

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