Transitioning from High School to College

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Five Tips for Transitioning From High School to CollegeCollege is an entirely different ball game both socially and academically when compared to high school. So much will change during your transition from high school to college, including taking ownership of your time and future and moving out on your own for probably the first time.

Five Tips for Transitioning From High School to College

Know Your Campus

One of the ways to get the most out of your college experience is to know your university. The quickest way to get to know SUU is to learn the founding story and the campus ghost stories. As a freshman, a unique opportunity presented is freshman orientation, or Thunder U. Thunder U is a good way to get to know the campus, people, and resources available at SUU. Not to mention, it’s also a blast! Other ways to get to know your campus is to attend events and take part in traditions.

Make Friends

In most cases, after moving away to college you are starting from scratch in terms of friends. The best way to make friends in college is to simply join in. At SUU, there are many clubs and organizations available for students to join. Discover on-campus clubs on the student life website or through T-Bird Connection in your mySUU portal. Another way to make friends is by getting to know your peers in your classes. Try forming a study group, or grabbing a bite to eat after class.


Even though you will technically be in class for less time compared to high school, it is a good rule of thumb to plan three hours a week, per class, for homework and studying. Because more material is covered over a shorter period of time, studying is a vital practice to stay on top of your coursework. At SUU, there are several academic resources available to students for free. Check out SUU’s Campus Resources and Services.

Build Your Network

Networks can be both professional and personal. Build your professional networks by getting to know your professors and representatives from your college. Build your personal network by joining a gym, finding a new favorite restaurant, joining a church, etc. Attending community events can be another way to build your network and get involved outside of campus. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things!

Stay Connected to Home

While it is important to step out of your comfort zone and learn who you are on your own, it is also important to stay connected with your roots back home. Staying connected might be regularly FaceTiming with your friends and family, returning home for the holidays, group watching movies on Disney+, or planning family vacations to Cedar City. Other ways to stay connected with your hometown is by following your favorite places (restaurants, libraries, shops) on social media, and connecting your family to Parent and Family Services.

For parents of college students, SUU’s Parent and Family Services offers an orientation to help parents understand their students' new home away from home and support them as they adjust from high school to college.

Though intimidating at first, college is a wonderful experience you will continue to cherish long after you graduate. Just remember to step out of your comfort zone, learn from your mistakes, study, and have fun!

Additional resources at SUU, including the First Year Experience and Orientation Program (FYE) and the Assistant Coaches for Excellence and Success (ACES), are here to help students ease the transition from high school to college. Be sure to check them out.

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