3 Reasons Why You Should Major In Interdisciplinary Studies

Posted: November 17, 2017 | Author: Samantha Niemann | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students listening to professor in classSouthern Utah University's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies offers students the freedom of creating and customizing a degree that integrates multiple interests from different disciplines. Students can take control of their education by choosing courses that interest them and prepare them for an interconnected career.

In the BIS program, students can combine courses and have two or more emphases from various disciplines to prepare them for an ever-changing job market, in which interdisciplinary knowledge offers a distinct advantage. Students can specialize in multiple areas without increasing their time in their undergraduate studies. The BIS major allows the most freedom to construct a degree path that is customized to your needs.

“The program is the only degree-granting unit on campus that explicitly addresses interdisciplinary efforts described in SUU’s Strategic Plan,” said Johnny MacLean, BIS program director.

MacLean gives prospective students three reasons why they should consider majoring in interdisciplinary studies.

Build your own curriculum
The BIS program is tailored to students whose interests don’t necessarily fit within the confines of one specific subject. Students who have multiple interests do not need to double or triple major; they have the option of integrating these interests into one degree.

Prepare for multiple careers
Since students within the program are able to study all of their interests at once, and learn how they all integrate with one another, it opens their eyes to new, diverse careers that students may not have been aware of before.

Graduate on time
Students who graduate late sometimes do so because they change their major several times. When students are able to study all their interests at once, it makes it easier to graduate on time.

“The BIS Program includes a three-course, eight-credit series that introduces majors to interdisciplinary studies, helps students develop research methods and plans for an interdisciplinary capstone project, and supports them as they complete their project, reflect on their experience, and disseminate their results,” explains MacLean.

Students in the BIS Program also work with the Director and the BIS Student Success Advisor to design an appropriate and customized plan of study that includes courses from multiple emphases. The emphases should inform the individual student’s particular theme, interest, or career path.

For more information on the BIS program visit Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies at SUU.

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