The Centurium

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The CenturiumA gift to the University to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Southern Utah University in 1897, The Centurium speaks to the origins and purpose of the University and the power of education.
The men and women whose statues stand in The Centurium have, through their devotion to the life of the mind, forged new and better paths for the generations of the future. Admired and esteemed for their intellectual contributions, they continue to foster the development of learning, many hundreds of years beyond their own lives and times. The contributions made by these intellectual giants reflect the motto of this University: "Learning Lives Forever."

Dr. Eugene T. Woolf, former Director of the Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values, assisted in the selection of the twelve historical figures from Western civilization represented in The Centurium. He subsequently wrote a book about these eminent men and women, The Odyssey of the Mind, A Voyage of Discovery, published by Southern Utah University Press. It is available for purchase from the SUU Bookstore.

Odyssey of the Mind

The mind is the only measure of all that humanity values and preserves. Ideas, no less than events, affect the course of history. Ideas are a transcript of the world. The odyssey of the mind is a voyage of discovery, as exciting as any that has been undertaken. No limits have been placed on the exercise of the mind. Intellect is not a respecter of sex, race, religion, or nationality. Nor is it circumscribed by age or health. Great thinkers over the centuries have, through their courage, foresight, and the commitment to the majesty of knowledge, profoundly altered the course of history. The men and women represented here have forged new and better paths for future generations. Loved and respected for their contributions to the life of the mind, they epitomize the exaltation of reason, the passion for freedom, the spirit of discovery, and the fire of genius - themes which continue to inspire the development of learning and impart the pleasure that the acquisition of knowledge provides. The contributions made by these intellectual giants reflect the motto of this university: Learning Lives Forever.

Statues in the Centurium
Click the name of one of these brilliant historical figures to learn more about their contributions to society.

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