The Advantages of Attending College

Posted: December 20, 2017 | Author: President Scott L Wyatt | Read Time: 1 minutes

Students hanging out in the living roomSouthern Utah University President Scott L Wyatt joined hundreds of high school students at Cedar High School in early December to discuss the advantages of attending college. Wyatt stressed that the decisions students make now determine the life they will lead.

“I’m an advocate for getting training beyond high school,” said Wyatt. “Join us at SUU or go to a trade school and develop a specific skill or study out of state, whatever you decide to do, I encourage you to get more education. There are fewer jobs and opportunities for people who only have a diploma, any education beyond high school is valuable.”

According to national studies, on average the lifetime income for people with an undergraduate degree is over a million dollars more than someone with a high school education. Earning a bachelor’s degree is an investment that results in more opportunities and a greater variety in jobs and careers.

“Money doesn’t mean everything,” said Wyatt. “You need to make decisions based on your goals and purpose in life. For example, if you want a family, it takes roughly $40,000 a year to sustain a family of four. These are important facts to consider.”

Wyatt also explained that a post-secondary experience equips students to navigate their way in life. Students gain confidence, discipline, motivation and communication skills, which leads to positivity, less stress and greater self-fulfillment.

“College prepares you to think critically, learn to communicate, work with people from different backgrounds and makes you a more productive member of society,” said Wyatt. “I believe education is the best path to achieving your potential and discovering your purpose. There are a million reasons why you should go to college, but bottom line; you will earn more money, live longer, and be a happier, healthier person.”

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