President Wyatt Wishes Students Good Luck on Finals

Posted: December 17, 2017 | Author: President Scott L Wyatt | Read Time: 2 minutes

Student in classHello Students!

As finals approach my mind is filled with memories of the days when I was a student in your shoes. For those of you like my wife, Kathy, who was always on top of things and never procrastinated getting her homework done—I offer my hardy congratulations and best wishes for next week. On the other hand, for those of you like me, who put off completing projects and preparing for finals until the last minute—I offer my sympathy for what promises to be a very busy weekend! You have my fullest, deepest empathy, because I have been there. :-) The good news is I survived and so will you!

My studies as a university student and taking final exams helped me learn how to manage my stress and work through life’s difficulties. These skills have proven to be more important to me than the content of any particular class or final exam. Please remember this. You’re not just learning about things in preparation to take a test; you’re developing personal strengths—qualities that will help you be successful and happy in life, such as self-discipline, endurance, and optimism. Certainly there are things we all need to know in order to get a job—but it is what we become as a person that makes it possible for us to be successful in that job, and in life. Every time you reopen a book, study a little longer, get up a bit earlier, review class notes while your roommates are playing your favorite video game or binging on Netflix, you are not just preparing for an exam but you are becoming a stronger person. Keep working. Never give up. You are developing grit!

I didn’t always do as well on my tests as I hoped. It took time for me to develop good study habits. I even retook a class or two because I was dissatisfied with my grade. But the important thing is that I never gave up. And I gradually became better. Please don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. Being disappointed is okay but work to avoid discouragement. It is true that sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes.

Please know that all of us at Southern Utah University are cheering you on. If you need to talk to someone please let us know. Our goal is your success and there are many of us here who would welcome the opportunity to provide a little personal encouragement or help through the last few days of this semester.

On behalf of my colleagues at SUU, I offer our best wishes for you this week with your final exams. We hope all the extra work you expend now will lead to a beautiful and relaxing break in a few short days. And we all look forward to seeing you back in January!

With My Warmest Regards,

President Scott Wyatt

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