Four Tips For Majoring in German in College

Posted: January 02, 2018 | Author: Abigail Wyatt | Read Time: 2 minutes

Students using computers in libraryAt Southern Utah University you can participate in the German Bachelor’s Degree program with Professor Corey Twitchell and change your life. A language major or minor helps open up many doors. According to CareerWise, knowing a foreign language helps you stand out in the job market and increases your annual income over people who only speak English.

Kolby Hill shared his insider perspective on the German program.

“If you want to learn a second language try learning German," said Hill. "Fewer students are studying the language, so it will help you stand out and will give you more job opportunities.”

Four Tips For Majoring in German

Start Early

Start off by taking German 1010, 1020, 2010 and 2020. Each class builds on the last, so you’ll need to take one each semester. After you finish German 2020 you will be fluent enough in the language to choose from a variety of classes including literature, culture, and linguistics.

Study Abroad

By immersing yourself in the culture you will fall in love with the language and people. You can get information about study abroad trips in the language department offices.

Use Online Resources

By using the language apps and websites available you can practice your grammar and vocabulary all year long. That way, when the new semester begins, you’ll be prepared.

Search for Internships

You can volunteer at immersion programs in local elementary schools or ask the language department about job opportunities in the language labs and as a teacher's grader. The more opportunity you have to practice the language the better off you’ll be.

No matter what kind of career you would like to pursue, most businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations welcome applicants who are competent in a second language. Students studying German gain proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking German. They also learn about the culture through a wide variety of upper-division courses and gain knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in many different career fields.

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