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Posted: February 01, 2018 | Author: Kevin Koontz | Read Time: 2 minutes

Canyoneering packingCanyoneering is a unique and intriguing outdoor activity. If you are interested in the sport, it is good to start gathering the necessary supplies. There can be a lot of necessary gear, partly because of the wide range of conditions and terrain you might encounter, but also because the sport is hard on equipment. From basics like water to specifics like descenders, check out this canyoneering packing list.


  • Ropes - one important thing to recognize when choosing a rope, is to know there is a difference between a canyoneering rope (static rope) and a climbing rope (dynamic rope)
  • Rope Bags
  • Backpack
  • Dry Bags - In most canyons you will run into water along the way. Dry bags are not a must have, but can keep your gear dry (especially electronics).
  • Harness - a climbing harness will work for canyoneering, but it will wear out a lot quicker than a canyoneering specific harness.
  • Helmets
  • Descenders - There are different descenders you can use in canyoneering, mostly it is up to personal preference. Some options are the Figure 8, the Pirana, a Critr, a ATS, or even a climbing ATC ( wouldn’t recommend the ATC though, they can get really hot with all the friction, but they are easy to use)..
  • Carabiners - Make sure you bring a few.
  • Webbing - In some canyons there aren’t anchors built in or they have broken. In those cases, you will need webbing to build your own anchors (make sure you know the proper way to do this, especially in tying knots).
  • Headlamp - canyons can often get dark faster because of how steep and deep you are down one. The sun may not be down, but it can be dark. Best to be prepared with a light.
  • Gloves - When rappelling you can easily get rope burn, but if you are wearing gloves you will have no problems with that.
  • Shoes - you will want shoes that have a lot of grip. Canyons can really tear up shoes so if you can, bring or rent canyoneering specific shoes.
  • Socks - I would recommend neoprene socks if the canyon is really wet and requires a wetsuit. Otherwise you should wear wool socks.
  • Clothing - Canyoneering can be pretty rough on clothing. I would suggest only wearing older clothes you don’t care about. It can also get cold in a canyon, bring a fleece jacket or layer up for the trip.
  • Wetsuits - some canyons require a wetsuit in order to stay warm and comfortable.


  • Water - Camelbak or a water bladder may be more convenient than a water bottle.
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid Kit
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