Why You Should Use the Tutoring Center at SUU

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SUU's Tutoring CenterIn your college career you may encounter a class or two that could prove more challenging than expected, resulting in you needing a little extra bit of assistance. As a student, reaching out and asking for help may seem daunting, but Southern Utah University’s Tutoring Center is always available to expand your knowledge and provide study strategies.

The Tutoring Center aims to support the individual learning goals of each student that visits. The tutors are a great resource on campus that supports you through some of your more difficult courses in an engaging and approachable way. With over 60 tutors working in the Tutoring Center, you are sure to meet someone that covers the area you are needing help with. The tutors bring experience, expertise, and enthusiasm for learning and have been personally recommended by faculty.

Types of Tutoring Available at SUU

  • Drop-in tutoring is available online and in person. Students are encouraged to queue up when they have some time available in case there is a wait. Find a tutor and available times for drop-in tutoring.
  • Recurring tutoring is also available online and in person. These 45-minute appointments are perfect for those that want in-depth assistance and to work with the same tutor each time. Request recurring one-on-one tutoring.
  • Group tutoring or peer-assisted learning, are study groups facilitated by tutors who have completed the course. This is a great way to deepen your understanding of the material and practice problems with peers. Learn more about tutoring groups and scheduling.

What Courses Does the Tutoring Center Cover?

The Tutoring Center typically serves over 150 courses each semester. These include the top requested courses below, and many more. These historically difficult courses are difficult classes with high enrollment, meaning many students require extra support.

  1. Math 1040 - Statistics
  2. Chem 1210 - Principles of Chemistry I
  3. Math 1060 - Trigonometry
  4. Math 1210 - Calculus I
  5. Math 1220 - Calculus II
  6. Chem 1220 - Principles of Chemistry II
  7. Econ 2500 - Quantitative Methods for Business & Economics
  8. Math 1010 - Intermediate Algebra
  9. Math 1050 - College Algebra
  10. Acct 2010 - Accounting Principles

"SUU's Tutoring Center is unique in that there are several different types of tutoring formats to meet students' needs (walk-in, group, or long-term one-on-one),” said Toni Sage, director of Academic Success. “We provide tutoring across multiple disciplines (Accounting, Economics, History, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Nutrition, etc.), and if we don't have a tutor for a particular course, we will do our best to try to find one.”

To see the entire course list, visit the drop-in tutoring page.


The Tutoring Center is a great resource for students to take advantage of, especially when enrolled in a difficult course. While it might be great to just go, it is important to make your time count. Here are a few ways to take advantage of your time in the Tutoring Center.

“There are many reasons I encourage students to use the Tutoring Center, but it mostly boils down to the fact that it is a great place to learn course material in a supportive, risk-free environment,” said Sage.

The SUU Tutoring Center is located in ELC room 204. Hours change depending on the semester, visit the Tutoring Center’s website for the current hours and information. If you have any questions, contact the Tutoring Center at tutoringcenter@suu.edu or 435-586-7714.

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