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Fall 2020 Schedule

  1. Use the filterable schedule below to see when a tutor is available for your course(s).
  2. Come to the Tutoring Center in ELC 204 (at least 30 minutes prior to closing) and find a seat. For online tutoring...stay home. ;-)
  3. Use the Queue a Tutor button (below or on your portal) or the QR code posted at every seat in the Tutoring Center to let us know you are ready.
  4. On the Queue page enter your course and location (Tutoring Center or online). If you are in the Tutoring Center, designate your seat number. (Outdoor seating is #30-36, available until the weather gets colder).
  5. After submitting your queue request, you will be redirected to a waiting page which includes a zoom link for students who have selected online as their location. A tutor will be with you ASAP.
  • For best service, we encourage you to queue up when you have some time available.
  • Tutors serving the drop-in center try to help all students present (in person and online) and must rotate around to help all.
  • Students may queue for a tutor as many times as needed.
  • Fewer tutors are available for higher-level courses (because tutors graduate).  

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