Meet Our Professors: Ali Siahpush, Engineering

Posted: December 07, 2018 | Author: Kaylene Linford | Read Time: 1 minutes

Before coming to Southern Utah University, Ali Siahpush worked for NASA and taught at multiple universities. He is always looking for opportunities to learn and share his knowledge with his students.

Ali Siahpush

Growing up in Tehran, Iran and Logan, Utah, Siahpush earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Utah State University, then pursued his doctorate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Idaho. Even after receiving his degrees, Siahpush was unsure what his career would be, but he never said no to an opportunity that enhance his knowledge.

“My field is very diverse and that is very exciting,” said Siahpush. “In my 24 years working at Idaho National Laboratory, I did not do many similar projects. There was always a twist and something new.”

Siahpush teaches the following courses at SUU:

  • ENGR 2145 Strength of Materials Lab
  • ENGR 3000 Thermodynamics
  • ENGR 3010 Material Science
  • ENGR 3015 Material Science Lab
  • ENGR 3050 Fluid Mechanics
  • ENGR 3055 Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • ENGR 4010 Heat Transfer
  • ENGR 4830 Readings and Conferences
  • ENGR 4900 ST: Instruments and Measurements

Siahpush loves SUU because of the small campus and the opportunity to know each one of the students. Among all of his classes, he has a few favorite subjects:

“I love to teach thermodynamics, heat transfer, and thermos-hydraulics”, said Siahpush. “It teaches students about conserving their energy and not wasting it.”

Siahpush likes to remind his students that life is too short to take anything seriously. “Learn from your mistakes and have no regrets.”

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