Meet Our Professors: Jana Lunt, Math Education

Posted: February 15, 2019 | Author: Kenzie Lundberg | Read Time: 2 minutes

Dr. Jana Lunt got her first taste for math education as a tutor in high school. Now as an associate professor of mathematics at Southern Utah University, she helps students understand how to teach math to others, specifically students wanting to become math teachers themselves.

Doctor Jana Lunt

“In high school, I would tutor students and they would say, ‘why didn't my teacher just explain it like that?” said Lunt. “And I thought, maybe I have a talent that other teachers don't have. Knowing that, I wanted to help future teachers in their classrooms.”

With an ability to explain complicated problems, Dr. Lunt continues to educate students on how to understand the numbers.

“I truly believe mathematics is an important part of an educated person's understanding,” Lunt explained. “I also believe that all people are capable of some level of understanding and that people should try harder to understand a topic that may be difficult for them instead of casting it aside. There is value in the struggle and reward in the struggle. I love the idea of helping people become better problem solvers through the field of mathematics.”

Lunt teaches the following classes at SUU:

  • MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 1040 Statistics
  • MATH 1050 College Algebra
  • MATH 1210 Calculus I
  • MATH 2020 Math for Elementary Education II
  • MATH 4980 Student Teaching

For Lunt, her proudest teaching moments are each time a student begins to understand something they never understood before.

“Helping students realize they can accomplish something they previously did not believe was possible is one of the best parts of teaching. Some students are convinced they cannot understand math, but they can. Also, helping future teachers realize they can understand and explain things they previously thought they had to memorize.”

SUU student Kara Oliverson shares her appreciation for Lunt.

"When I stepped into Dr. Lunt's math class for the first time... little did I know that I stumbled into a class with someone who would sincerely change my life. (Literally the entire reason I switched to a math concentration.) She is inspiring, caring, funny, passionate, and truly believes in her students. After taking 4 semesters from her, I can only hope to be half the teacher she is one day."

Learn more about the Department of Mathematics at SUU.

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