Meet Our Professors: Andrew Misseldine, Mathematics

Posted: April 12, 2019 | Author: Kaylene Linford | Read Time: 2 minutes

Andrew Misseldine

As an undergraduate student, Andrew Misseldine loved studying theoretical mathematics. After discovering his passion for teaching during graduate school, Misseldine became an assistant professor of mathematics at Southern Utah University, sharing his passion for mathematics with his students.

Misseldine’s favorite subject to teach is abstract algebra (linear algebra). Although it can be a very challenging class, it is the most rewarding to him and he enjoys watching students discover what Misseldine defines as “the strange new math.”

Misseldine teaches the following classes at SUU:

  • MATH 1060 Trigonometry
  • MATH 1210 Calculus I and II
  • MATH 2270 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 3139 Modern Geometries
  • MATH 3990 Undergraduate Research
  • MATH 4230 Abstract Algebra

To Misseldine, mathematics is more than just crunching numbers and solving equations.

“Mathematics is a perspective from which we can view the world,” said Misseldine. “Mathematical thinking is about seeing a problem for what it really is, that is, we focus on the essential parts and ignore all the rest which is irrelevant.”

Misseldine loves to see students see math in surprising locations. In his classes, he often assigns papers where students discover an application of math they learned that semester. Students are pleasantly surprised when they finally discover math.

As a young dad, Misseldine taught his daughter that falling was part of learning how to ride a bike. In the classroom, he reminds his students the same thing.

“Learning to ride a bike is just a parable of learning in general,” said Misseldine. “We all fall down when we are learning. We all make mistakes. Learning comes with falling, and we must learn to become comfortable with this struggle. If we work hard, then eventually we become better and fall less often.”
Misseldine loves the closeness of the campus at SUU and the opportunity to get to know each student.

“I have taught at much larger universities and there is a distance between instructor and student that is difficult to get past,” said Misseldine. “I feel that SUU is a place where a student can get a personal and intimate education, which is the type of education professors love to offer.”

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