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Posted: May 21, 2019 | Author: Abbie Cochrane | Read Time: 3 minutes

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One of the most common ways students spend their time in college is by writing essays. On a number of subjects and for any number of classes, writing is essential to the college experience. But what can be done with all these essays after they’ve been turned in for a grade? At Southern Utah University, there are plenty of opportunities for students to win prizes for essays they write for class and even have some of their work published.

Scriblerian Contest

One unique, on-campus opportunity where students can get their writing published is through the Scriblerian Contest. Not only can they get their work published, but students can even win prizes for first or second place. The best part of this contest is that students don’t have to write anything new for it; any essay written for English 1010, English 2010 or any other general education course with a writing component will do. The Writing Center is the host of this contest, and the tutors there use different rubrics to select the winning essays. At least two sets of eyes review each essay.

Chase Redd, student director of the SUU Writing Center, stated, "The Scriblerian contest offers students a great way to see that even the writing they do for their general education credits can be recognized and rewarded. I have been a part of the Scriblerian committee since 2021, and I think it is one of the coolest opportunities for publication on campus. We have many amazing writers on campus, and I have loved getting to read so many interesting and well-written essays."

The Scriblerian accepts expressive or argumentative papers from a variety of classes. Full details on the rules for submission can be found on their website.

Kolob Canyon Review

Another great option for students to get their work published is through the Kolob Canyon Review. An art and literary journal filled with the works of SUU students, the KCR is housed in the English department and includes creative essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry and graphics. The Writing Center tutors are also available to help prepare and workshop pieces prior to submission.

SUU News

Students are also able to submit pieces to the university journal. Staffed by outstanding student writers, SUU News is also open to accepting submissions from outside student writers. Students can write a letter to the editor, ask a “Dear Thor” question, and submit poetry, art or something for the guest column. Submit a News Piece

Tutoring Sessions

The main purpose of the Writing Center is the tutoring sessions. Tutors are trained to help students learn to improve their writing across all disciplines, including papers, lab reports, creative writing and more. There is no limit on how many tutoring sessions a student can complete–the Writing Center is available as often as students need.

"All writers need readers,” said Writing Center Director Rosalyn Eves. “While we may initially write for ourselves, we revise for outside audiences. A trained reader, like a tutor, can help writers see things about their writing that they may not otherwise notice."

For more information about how to book a tutoring session, visit the Writing Center’s website.

Writing Center tutors run both the Scriblerian Contest and the Kolob Canyon Review. Submissions for the Kolob Canyon Review open every year in the fall. Students can check the KCR website for upcoming submission dates and more information. The Scriblerian Contest is held once a semester, and submission deadlines can be found on the SUU website.

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