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Heida SoleimaniIt’s no secret that it can be tricky finding a way to get your writing successfully published. Luckily, Southern Utah University’s Writing Center is fully equipped and prepared to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals. This free on-campus service is available for students and recommended by professors.

Scriblerian Contest

The Scriblerian Contest is an opportunity unique to SUU for student essays to be published. Prizes are given out for first place, second place, and honorable mentions. This past fall 2018 semester, the Scriblerian Contest received 87 submissions, 11 of which were published from different general and introductory courses. Different rubrics are used by the Writing Center tutors to select the winning essays, and at least two sets of eyes review each essay.

After winning the Scriblerian in 2016 student Jayde Bertoch, majoring in biology and chemistry, was invited to become a Writing Center tutor.

“Winning the Scriblerian Contest helped me see that I actually am a pretty strong writer.” Bertoch said, “It has given me confidence in myself which has helped me throughout my time at SUU.”

The Scriblerian accepts expressive, argumentative, and quantitative papers from a variety of classes. Full details on the rules for submission can be found on their website.

Kolob Canyon Review

The Kolob Canyon Review is another opportunity for students to have their writing published. The KCR is housed in the English department and includes creative essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and graphics. The Writing Center tutors are also available to help prepare your creative work prior to submission.

“The Kolob Canyon Review provides students on-campus an outlet to get their work published that might not be as stressful as other literary magazines,” said editor Zav Van Pelt. “It’s a great opportunity for those wanting to start on their writing careers.”

After each edition of the Kolob Canyon Review is published, the English department hosts a release party where a few pieces from the Review are read by their authors.

Tutoring Sessions

The first purpose of the Writing Center are the tutoring sessions. Writing Center tutors are trained to help improve writing across all disciplines; this includes papers, lab reports, creative writing, etc. There is no limit on how many tutoring sessions a student can complete, you may use the Writing Center as often as you like.Student with a tutor

“Every writer needs a reader.” said Writing Center Director Julia Combs, “Everyone can write. The tutors are here to help you improve your craft, because it’s something anyone can do. We want to make it easier for students.”

“The involvement of students in the operations of the writing center enables it to be a true peer-based learning community.” said tutor Elsa Torgersen.

Writing Center tutors run both the Scriblerian Contest and the Kolob Canyon Review. Submissions are due November 1st for the next Kolob Canyon Review. The submission deadline for the spring 2020 Scriblerian will be announced by the Writing Center.

For more information about the Scriblerian Contest and Kolob Canyon Review, or to book a tutoring session, visit the Writing Center’s website.

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