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Helen Boswell has been teaching general biology since her sophomore year in college as an assistant to one of her favorite professors. The professor was a distinguished teaching professor, and she was honored to help him in his introductory biology class. During her junior and senior years, she paired with a graduate student to teach the labs for the biology class. These experiences paved her path to teach as a professor, and share her knowledge and life applications of biology with her students.

Helen Boswell

Growing up in Upstate New York, Boswell earned her bachelor’s and doctorate degrees in biological studies at the University of Buffalo. As an associate professor of biology, she has been teaching at SUU for nearly 20 years, sharing the complexities of biology and how all living forms are connected.

Biology is fascinating to Boswell because it is more than just knowing facts and information, it is a way of looking at the world around you. We all are constantly discovering new things every day about life, and to Boswell, this continual discovery is probably the most powerful and interesting concept about her field.

“What’s not to love about the study of life? It is fun to ask questions and have a way to answer them scientifically,” said Boswell. “I love the complexities of biology, from DNA to cells to how interconnected all living forms are.”

Boswell is all about the connections and “so what” aspect of biology. She strives to teach students how to apply what they learn in her classes to their lives, and the world around them. In her classes, students learn about starfish and sea urchins, and why it is applicable to stem cell and cancer research. They learn about coevolution and can apply it to the study of diseases and medicine. Her students learn, and with learning comes questions and answers. To Boswell being able to apply your knowledge is the key to learning.

Boswell teaches the following classes:

  • BIO 1610 General Biology I
  • BIO 1620 General Biology II
  • BIO 1625 General Biology Lab
  • BIO 3110 Evolution
  • BIO 4840 Cooperative Education
  • BIO 4850 Undergraduate Research
  • BIO 4890 Internship

Boswell loves SUU because of the enjoyment of working with her students, and the supportive administration and staff.

“I think the proudest moments at SUU has been seeing my students graduate every year, and then go on to do incredible things,” said Boswell.

Her advice to every student in her classes is that anyone has the power to be a great student. They should choose a path that makes them happy. Boswell had terrible study habits as an undergraduate student, and sometimes she struggled and made poor choices, but she continued to work hard to reach her goals.

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