Meet Our Professors: Cameron Pace, Physics

Posted: July 26, 2019 | Author: Kaylene Linford | Read Time: 1 minutes

Cameron Pace

After building his first telescope in high school, Cameron Pace continued to pursue his astronomical studies throughout his college career earning a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree in astronomy. Now an assistant professor of physics at Southern Utah University, Pace is able to share his knowledge and expertise of astronomy with his students in the classroom and at the Ashcroft Observatory.

Growing up in Bicknell, Utah Pace had access to very dark skies. He spent many hours outside looking at the stars, learning their positions and movements. Pace solidified his desire to work in astronomy, and opened up many more wonders, after building his own 8” telescope.

“The most interesting thing about astronomy is that while we learn so much, there are still many unanswered questions. It seems that each new generation of telescopes, produces as many new questions as it answers,” said Pace. “I love it because it’s accessible to anyone, no special equipment or ingredients required. Anyone can go outside and look up.”

Pace teaches the following courses at SUU:

  • PHYS 1040/1045 Elementary Astronomy & Lab
  • PHYS 2220 Physics Scientists/Engineers I
  • PHYS 2990 Introduction to Undergrad Research

Teaching at SUU for five years, Pace loves the small class size SUU offers. It gives him the opportunity to know his students and how to best meet their needs. Pace particularly loves to teach on black holes and he enjoys answering students questions about these fascinating objects.

Pace’s proudest moment working at SUU is watching students teach one another the things they have learned in class, showing that they have mastered the subject well enough to teach others. His advice to his students is this:

“Enjoy yourselves, but don’t waste too much time on things that ultimately do not matter.”

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