Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots on SUU's Campus

Posted: August 15, 2019 | Author: Adrianna Willeford | Read Time: 3 minutes

Southern Utah University’s beautiful campus is home to some great photo opportunities. Whether you’re a new T-Bird looking to show off your university or a graduating senior getting ready to leave SUU, here are the top ten places on campus to take a picture for your Instagram profile.


The SUU sign is located on the west side of campus at the corner of 800 West and University Boulevard. This sign is a great place to get a photo representing the university and is a must-have for any SUU student.


graduate in front of suu sign


The second SUU sign is located across from Southern Utah Museum of Art on the east end of campus. This sign is slightly larger than the other one and it is easy to access on the corner of 300 West and University Boulevard.


The football stadium at SUU is super recognizable and the perfect place to get a good shot. Not only is the field a perfect background, but the red rocks above the stadium bleachers make for a really unique backdrop. 

graduate in front of old sorrel4. OLD SORREL

This statue is one of the most historic places on campus as well as a great location for a picture. One of the biggest conveniences of this location is that it is not too close to a busy road or a busy sidewalk of campus. Old Sorrel is off to the north side of the America First Event Center and easily accessible. 


Not only is the Bell Tower an iconic landmark on campus, but it is also surrounded by incredible scenery during all seasons. There are flowers and full green trees in the spring and summer as well as bright colors and snow covering during the fall and winter. 

student posing in front of tbird wings on wall


One of the newest places on campus to take a great photo is the T-Bird Wing wall. The wings show off the university and the T-Bird posing in front of them. These wings are located in the Student Center next to the Living Room. 


While this location is not generally the first thought, it is a special piece of SUU’s campus. The circle of statues showcases some of the most influential people from history. This is an inspirational area and another cool photo op with plenty of different angles. 


The waterfall can be a forgotten landmark on campus as it is not usually pictured, but it makes for a cool photo location on upper campus. The waterfall is enclosed by trees and has a bench close by. Make sure to check this one out before snowfall!

graduates inside fountain9. FOUNTAIN

Just outside of the SUU Auditorium is a stone fountain. The blue water flowing and the stone walls behind it make for a perfect picture location. Sometimes forgotten, this fountain is off the beaten path of students roaming between classes, but it is a must on this list. 


Another clear landmark on SUU campus is the oldest building, Old Main. While students do not generally find themselves inside often, as it is a faculty office building, it is a great place for a photo op. The building has beautiful, old architecture and is bordered by two other pristine buildings and the grassy area of upper campus.  

Hopefully this gives you the inspiration you need to take some awesome Instagram worthy pictures. We would love to see your content, so don’t forget to tag @suutbirds and #tbirdnation in your photos for a chance to be featured! If you want to see some of these locations in person, visit campus

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