50 Things to Do as a Thunderbird in Cedar City

Posted: May 07, 2018 | Author: Southern Utah University | Read Time: 2 minutes

article header, 50 things to do as a thunderbirdYour search for things to do in southern Utah is over. Here is a list of 50+ things to do while you are a Thunderbird. From snow cones to ghosts to hiking adventures, there are plenty of things for T-Birds to do when they aren't in class or studying. Share this post on Facebook or Instagram to add your own ideas to the list!

  1. Take a selfie with Sharwan Smith in the Student Center.
  2. Eat a snowcone at the Tiki Shack.
  3. Walk under the Bell Tower at Thunder U and Graduation (don’t walk under the bell tower at any other time).
  4. Take a picture with the giant wooden leadership spoon.
  5. Lounge in the hammocks in the Student Center.
  6. Join a club or organization at SUU.
  7. Visit the Lake on the Hill and paddle board, fish, or get a tan.
  8. Attend a convocation and do an internship.
  9. Wear red on Fridays.
  10. Attend a Shakespeare Greenshow and eat one of their famous tarts.
  11. Become a True T-Bird during Homecoming Week.
  12. Hike the C-Trail or drive to the ‘C’ on Cedar Mountain.
group of students at the "C" on cedar mountain

13. Go to Forever Red and other Homecoming events (parade, tailgate, etc.).

14. Watch for Virginia (the ghost of Old Main) at midnight on a full moon.

15. Hike Kanarraville Falls.

16. Attend SUUSA’s Paint the Town Red, Scream, Paint Dance, and Casino Night.

paint the town red event

17. Visit Special Collections and touch the 5 lbs. of human fat.

18. Walk the sheep tunnels under Walmart.

19. Attend the Homecoming football game.

20. Watch an “Off The Cuff” improv show.

21. Jump off the high dive at SUU’s Olympic size swimming pool

22. Bowl at the Cedar Bowling Center and eat their yummy cheese fries.

23. Attend a Bread and Soup Night.

24. Find all of the statues on campus.

25. Visit the Harry Potter Room (Great Hall).

26. Rub the statue of Gerald R. Sherratt to receive good luck on your finals.

27. Visit Zion National Park and hike Angels Landing.

28. Go to an SUU student theater, art, or dance event.

29. Ski, snowboard, or tube at Brian Head.

30. Attend the BSU Stepshow, the Powwow, and the Polynesian Showcase.

31. Attend a Pizza & Politics and register to vote.

sheep parade

32. Attend the Sheep Parade and the Cedar City Livestock and Heritage Festival.

33. Go see a movie on $5 Tuesday with your friends.

34. Go on a free SUU Outdoors trip

35. Climb the climbing wall in the P.E. Building.

36. Go to ‘Christmas Lane’ (by the golf course) during the holidays.

37. Visit the Beverly Center for the Arts, see a Shakespeare play, and visit SUMA.

38. Go to the Ashcroft Observatory to stargaze.

39. Visit 2000 Flushes and Three Peaks.

40. Eat lunch on the science building’s outdoor patio.

41. Watch T-Bird athletes compete at the Eccles Coliseum, America First Event Center (EVT), Kathryn Berg Field, Tennis Courts, and the Thunderbird Soccer Pitch.

42. Attend a local rodeo, the Iron County Fair, and a demolition derby.

43. Vote in the SUUSA Elections.

44. Go to a bonfire at Three Peaks Recreation Area.

45. Hike the Bristlecone Pine trail, Mammoth Cave, Aspen Mirror, Ice Cave, Strawberry Point, and Cascade Falls (all up Cedar Canyon).

group of students hiking

46. Visit Cedar BreaksKolob CanyonParowan GapNavajo Lake, and Bryce Canyon.

47. Eat at four locally owned food places (i.e. ice cream at Bulloch Drug; eat the legendary ‘Frychos’ at Charlie's BBQ).

48. Play night games at Park Discovery.

49. Participate in Founders Week.

50. Attend Iron Mission Days at the Frontier Homestead Museum.

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