5 Reasons to Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Online

Posted: May 13, 2020 | Author: Heather Winkler | Read Time: 3 minutes

Benefits of an online bachelor's degreeYou have a busy life; one that is filled with aspirations, responsibilities, and hobbies. And like many others, are looking to improve to make life less stressful and more fulfilling. One way to bring these benefits into your life is through an online bachelor’s degree. With a degree, you can advance in your current career, make yourself a unique candidate for a new job, or even qualify for a raise. You will be ready and able to reach your goals!

“The virtue of a computer in the classroom is that it requires a user, not a watcher,” said Diane Ravitch, a historian, analyst, and professor of education.

Obtaining your degree online opens new opportunities and learning experiences that will give you results that can’t be obtained in a classic classroom environment. If you aren’t convinced, here are just five reasons to complete an online bachelor’s degree!

1. Lower Costs

When it comes to a college education the big question every student asks is: “How much does it cost?”. Completing a bachelor’s degree online can reduce your tuition expenses dramatically. Online bachelor degrees at Southern Utah University are just $300 a credit, one of the lowest in the nation, but the price doesn’t diminish the value of your education. Online students receive an accredited and prominent education and the lower costs allow them to have less financial fear now and a vision of a future income with the benefits of an online bachelor’s degree.

2. Flexibility

Students can be found all around the world in different cultures, time zones, family situations, financial needs, etc. While working towards an online bachelor’s degree, students have the flexibility to decide the best way to manage schedules and complete class assignments. With SUU’s online bachelor’s degrees, students aren’t required to spend unnecessary time commuting. An online classroom is custom to each student’s scheduling needs and creates an ideal situation for students to succeed in all classes.

3. Unique Online Skills

The world has become overwhelmed by technology and now you can utilize its benefits! Deciding to complete an online bachelor’s degree gives students skills in communication, collaboration, time management, and responsibility, all through an online platform. Those obtaining an online degree will be one step ahead in the workplace and will be able to adapt these skills to enrich other parts of their life. Not only do students cultivate personal skills but they create priceless networking skills that are incredibly valuable in today’s society. Online graduates use their unique skill-set to set themselves apart from the crowd and benefit those around them.

4. Pacing

Earning an online bachelor's degree allows students to learn at their own pace. They are able to take less time on a concept they know well or more time to review something they don’t. This system allows students to fully understand the concepts taught. Not only will you have various online tools, but the professor will always be there to assist you. They will be able to answer questions, explain concepts, and give support. When students are able to grasp academic concepts, they will feel successful and are more likely to leave the class with applicable knowledge.

5. Grow Without Uprooting

Change can be difficult, but making time for an online bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean starting life over. Students can stay in the comfort of their home, life, and community. Students will be able to receive all the benefits of a bachelor’s degree: a higher likelihood of opportunities in long term improvement, being eligible for specific types of employment, easier entry into higher-paid positions, specific skills relating to deadline completion and responsibility, etc. while continuing the life they have built.

Working towards an online bachelor’s degree can be a game-changer. It is convenient, provides skills not found anywhere else, is flexible, and ultimately it will be a marvelous asset in your life.

Wherever you are in your educational journey SUU can help you reach your goals. Our 100 percent online programs are designed to provide the flexibility you need and the affordability you want. Accelerate your path to professional achievement by choosing the online degree that's right for you. Learn more about SUU's online programs.

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